The Man, The Myth The Legend behind Jerome Baker Designs w/Jason Harris

Hang Loose…. The Adam Dunn Show will be on today but we are on Island time combine that with ADS time and who knows when we will start? I will joined by …


  1. Good buddy had a jerome baker spoon and would toss it on a hard surface (the concrete driveway ) bragging how it was unbreakable. Needless to say it survived several of these retard moves before it shattered before him as he watch in embarrassment and horror.

  2. I love Adam Dunn Show, that and the Potcast are my go to. I’m a guerilla grower in NY, bUffalo to be exact. I recently had a very close call and lost all of my beautiful genetics. I had an amazing MK male, 2 amazing Sage moms, and a Burmese Kush mom. all good. If anyone could help me out in anyway it’d be much appreciated

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