The man behind the CATPISS

Oowweee have we got a ammonia soaked nasty but oh so good love or hate it First show of the year @tdogg_gardens Joins DJC,MTI and I live in the studio to …


  1. I used to smoke some bud in fl that really did have a super sharp cat piss smell. It was a darker haze looking almost kind of compressed down bud, the high was like dizzy, that shit would put you to sleep even though it was a haze. Just smelling that terp on bud I always knew smoking a blunt of it was gonna fuck me up. I have all these old Florida bag seed from keeping seed from good bud for like 15 years, it could be in there.

  2. I grew up in OB/ PL. its a trip, i knew the catpiss was a local strain but no idea it was being grown just a couple blocks over. i didnt start smoking till early 2000s so cat piss was hard to find at that time but was always such an amazing treat. i always woulda guessed it was some weird sour diesel pheno tho, to hear it came from a g-13 is weird but hey, im just glad i got to try the real deal, no doubt was catpiss! also super funny i moved to kauai about the same time as tom he looks so familiar, im a younger cat but he prolly knows my dad from OB haha.

  3. Did ya see tdogg on James loud show yesterday it was like mad cat fight ova catpiss all it needed was the catfight sound effects in the background flucken gold I'm telling ya

  4. wow one of the only strains they have in directly found the origins of that I actually toked on. cannot say I actually ever enjoyed it other then memories of wondering if there was anything else to be found. wish the catpiss would have made it's rounds since it sounds like it was in that circle. iirc it tasted like what you would expect powdered detergent to taste like.

    edit changed found to origins

  5. lol this guy can't add or what? How does something 60 an 8th go for 56.. 560 an oz 😂"Listen boys it sold for 60 an 8th all the way it was 4… it was 56..560 an ounce at one time, 480 an ounce and the boys.. the queen guys would never sell it for anything less then that even the guys that got it from the source they got it for whatever." Yeah okay bud, this is one comment of a whole buncha stuff that says your lying for your benefit whatever that be.. So many people willing to lie about anything & everything for a story nowadays it's really sad, his whole hand movements & everything.. Horrible liar & arrogant.

  6. Didn't he say at first that he got his G13 Snowbud Clone from Jackson and later with Jackson on the phone Jackson says he never had that cut. Could be me misunderstanding something.

  7. I had never heard of SD Catpiss until seeing Rare Dankness has a cross. Non English speaking agricultural hands would know what a cutting is. It’s whatever, but no one got a cut and he was being strong-armed for the cut? Ok, ok. Gave a tray of cuts to a dirty hippie. But no one has it. Got it.

  8. awesome podcast, but just cause they cant speak english they cant take cuts? they don't even knw what cuts are? ah I don't knw about all that what a thing to say as a gardening dude. not to hard to take a cut, or find seed, or to understand rudimentary genetics, and I hate to break to all these cannabis folks out there but cali definitely did not invent the wheel.

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