The Hash Episode

This week we are getting down to the nitty gritty with our HASH EPISODE we have Eric marketing director and business manager @PUREPRESSURE who is …


  1. If you guys include the Johnny Carson intro on the soundboard, I think you might go places. Great show. 305 4 LIFE! If you were growing weed in that heat you were a temp/ventilation/Co2 monster. BIG UP to them old schoolers from Miami to Gainsville. OG holders and indoor kings. ✌️👽

  2. I had greenbroz creme, after running 2 large greenbroz at once for weeks. Once cleaned up, it creates incredible creme temple balls from outdoor. Just remove a lot of leaf as you stop each strain, and scrape and roll in the hands, store in a paper cup for a few weeks . insane creme hash. It makes a ton, its perfectttt

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