The Harms of Marijuana

We’ve talked in the past about the positives of Marijuana use. What are the harms? From pregnancy effects to impaired driving to memory and concentration, …


  1. A can assure you that smoke inhalation is harmful. What we really need to study is the pros & cons of Cannabis cuisine & cannabis beverages.
    Medical marijuana on the other hand shows a lot of medical promise. Consider this. Any drug that has medical benefits has possible side effects which means we might not want to use it recreationally. I would not recreationally use, aspirin, decongestants, antibiotics, antacids etc.
    It seems however that alcohol & tobacco are worse.

  2. I've seen first hand, its harmful to certain people and those who have a psychotic tendency it makes them worse with hallucination happening but these seem be long after he start using, My brother has seen little men come out of wardrobes trying to take him, 2 lights bouncing in rendelsham woods he keeps telling people there from the alien landing his seen also a Hercules plane hovering over a bridge planes dont hover unless state art fighters, Now I know his not lying to me but also I know its longterm use of cannabis and mushrooms although he took them 10years ago it's called flashbacks he hasent seeked doctors help being afraid he be sectioned under mental health, But this is what he needs do so that my family can get back to normal with him keep cropping up about these little men that come out of the wardrobe, Yes it's made our life hell and now he wont go doctors so we have to vet told what his seen

  3. the major difference between driving under the influence of alcohol and driving while stoned is this- their are degrees of intoxication depending on the amount of alcohol consumed…where as, with pot, you get completely impaired every single time (and you can be even more "stoned" depending on how much THC is present in the marijuana)…doing either of these while driving is completely stupid, but doing it while stoned is even more so…

  4. Structured use of weed seems to really have little downsides, especially if you use it as a “treat” in small doses for getting all your tasks done in the day, it’s great for enhancing motivation and productivity in that reguard.

    Unstructured use of weed is a huge problem however, I’d argue it could be almost as destructive as alcohol addictions. It causes up regulation of your dopamine receptors which are vital to not just mental health, but also motivation. Your significantly more likely to develop dopamine related depression using weed and your also much more likely to become a very unstructured lazy piece of shit, because after your receptors up-regulate, nothing, not even sex is going to be as for-filling as it used to be.

  5. Yeah, he failed to tell you: using maryjane for recreational use opens the door to illegally accessing the spiritual realm. Hence, the risk of demonic activity/possession in your life is at your finger tips: literally…#PlayWithFire #ExpectToGetBurnt in EVERY sense of the word. "Happy" blowing (Not).

  6. When i smoke weed i have shortness of breath so i stop… I think weed is bad cause its a delusional reality perspective that is not seen when yout sober

  7. Funny how those who say, "Drugs are bad, MMMMKAY", go by hoax charting and info to make you feel controlled and not awake. You can tell this individual is not a user, so places out hoax information. "Not enough evidence or 'statistics say', means you don't have the story correct and never used it.

  8. If someone is still reading the comment section I want to know something. If when I roll my joint I put some tobacco in it like 0.2 or 0.3 grams (just a few) because I don't want to do a full weed does this amount of tobacco will hurt my lungs ? bc as we've seen in the video only weed doesn't affect the lungs or only in a minimal way, but weed and a little bit of tobacco does affect more ?

  9. No drug is perfect. It's all about picking the one that gives you the best positive outcomes with the least side effects. Everyone is different so substances or medications may vary.

  10. Takeaway: it is fine in moderation.
    The body can heal its self. It is in our DNA to repair ourselves we regenerate skin cells and brain cells and things that are broken can try to form back together with the help of our cells. The question is how much substances are you putting into your body and are you giving yourself a chance to heal from it? Can your body handle what you are putting into it? And do you even care? Those are questions that we should ask ourselves. Whenever I have smoked weed or drank I was able to unwind and feel like my troubles have gone away temporarily or I was able to sleep. I was able to appreciate conversations a bit more. But a don’t smoke everyday I don’t drink everyday. Sometimes the insights you get while doing those things helps you while you are sober. But everyone is different, can I say the same thing applies to others? Maybe yes maybe no. Just be careful and take things in moderation.

  11. Anyone who is quick to defend weed is an addict, it's not for everyone n if u can't function or feel good with out it den i feel sad 4 ur miserable existence 😂

  12. I wanna be like these corporate SOBs yeah thats my quest. Tell me what to do will ya? I think Ill get high right now. Wanna rain on my sunshine a pack of large angry dogs will greet you. I planned ahead.

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