The endocannabinoid system and the revolution of one | Rachel Knox | TEDxPortland

NOTE FROM TED: Please do not look to this talk for medical advice. We’ve flagged this talk for falling outside TEDx’s content guidelines. While cannabis and …


  1. I'm six days in on CBD full spectrum 15% paste .. I stopped taking my prescription anti depressant/sleeper mirtazipine I was on 30mg just six days ago, is been on them for few yrs, before that diazepam and nitrazepam for 18yrs I'm 39. I'm now walking 2 to 5mile each morning after not doing any exercise for couple years.. My anxiety has gone! I'm sleeping !! For first time without a pill in twenty years!!!!!! I am saddened but not shocked to see why we don't know about endo canabinoid !!! Awesome speech !!

  2. When CBD Oil didn't give me the results I wanted, a friend introduced me to a CBD Water Suable. The results were amazing, and ten times better than any Oil I tried. I searched on Google why there was such a difference, and found that the oil only entered your system at a rate of 6 to 9% while the water suable entered at 60 to 90%. Then I remembered grade school where they taught us Oil and Water did not mix.

  3. Quite dangerously unbalanced talk I think. No doubt about big pharma being a problem, but using thc in your canabanoid receptors stops them from receiving naturally produced canabanoids. It's why stopping smoking weed after regular use makes you irritable- it takes time for your natural canabanoids to refill that spot that THC was taking up. Not to mention risks of short term memory damage, and the many unknown risks. We don't know enough about weed to know it's safe to use unless you have specific problems like parkinsons that might outweigh the possible health risks.
    Just wish this talk was a little more specific about what happened in your brain. We need more research into marijuana's medical properties and a balanced view on its risks and benefits.
    This Ted talk was a feel good motivational speech but it sorely lacked scientifically researched specifics. Which is a shame, as using thc in your endocanabanoid system could have genuine benefits too, which this talk hasn't actually highlighted

  4. ….SO informative AND fun…. WARNING..!!!…. this Content is DysApproved by the Carnegie/RockefellerMurder'n'MayhemforMoneyMedicalModel…. view at your OWN risk AND…. have a nice Day…. HOWEVER…. SHOULD you SUSPECT…. that your Natural Endogenous CANnabinoids…. are HELPING you have a nice Day…. IMMEDIATELY seek MedicalTreatment…. of ANY kind whatsoever…. doesn't matter WHAT…. as it will STOP your Natural Neuro-phoria…. replacing it with more appropriately Carnegie/RockefellerCentric feelings of Compliance…. to the Commandments of your 'Conventional' Medical 'Practitioner' WHO…. functions in a Medical Model that is 'responsible' for being the third leading cause of U.S.Deaths…. annually…. (No.1in'98) U.S.A.!! U.S.A.!!!

  5. People on the bleeding edge typically are censored.. Copernicus and Galileo were prime examples of going against the "Norm" of control and power. Preach on sister.. keep pushing, big pharma is trying to figure out how to regulate for profit and its tough to do with a "weed". Ever wonder why they reefer (yeah you saw what I did there) to it as "Weed" Weed definition, a valueless plant growing wild, especially one that grows on cultivated ground to the exclusion or injury of the desired crop. The desired crop here being the wallets of big pharma. Folks are waking up.. Grow your own medicine people..

  6. You keep getting on pushing me in hopes of me getting BANNED, router CenturyLink4347.
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    I have been trying to tell the world that THC has been reconnecting my ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM that is healing my 5.5 brain injury. Words means nothing so I give this;
    There is a very special temper with no 'oxygen' at 3500F for 100 hours that TRANSITIONS.
    I do this to 'prove' that THC has been healing my 5.5 brain injury.
    ~ ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM ~ look it up ~ There is 'shells' that are around ATOMS that a special 'boil' breaks apart creating 50 more atoms.
    I ask this in JESUS name, amen.

  7. Greetings from Finnish M.D.! I dug deep into endocannabinoid system and CBD, when prepared a lecture about cannabidiol to doctors specialized in substance abuse medicine. Watch YouTube -> Kasasen kootut – > "CBD eli kannabidioli – luento Päihdelääketieteen päivillä 4.3.21. ENGLISH SUBTITLES " Issues and time points are added there in the comment section.

  8. If you ever decide to get out of medicine, you should definitely consider being a teacher. I would take every class of yours that I could lol. Had me smiling the whole time I was watching. Your humor and joy and passion talking about this is so sincere and not forced one bit.

  9. Why did God give us a these receptors and the plant…if we aren't supposed to take it? Because MAN has brainwashed into thinking it's BAD…

  10. I'm really interested in ECS and believe in whole body mind holistic health, and CbC but I've seen the destructive side of people who smokeTHC marijuana in terms of changes in personality, being disconnected and even seen cannabis induced psychosis. What is happening in the EcS for those people?

  11. This young woman has her stuff together. this is well done. I like her. I want to hear more of her talks. She is flawless. Not to mention very beautiful

  12. Animals also have an endocannabinoid system. Cannabis was removed from our animal food source in 1937. Human and cattle cancers have spiked since then.

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