1. Man I've tried to tell people about the diesel from the east coast. I've been doing research on this bud for years im so glad I finally came across this. I would love to talk more about this.

  2. Technical Difficulties- the Kid calls in sick and the show gets off to a rough start- Intro- How was everyone’s week? 10:44 News News News! 24:43 Frank Gegax’s daughters calls in 27:56 How does Dave’s story fit in with your dad? 32:20 What genetics did your dad have? 35:38 What about ‘The Manual’? 40:09 Do you know about Dave’s history? 40:58 Do you know the story about the plane crash? 45:00 Were you guys aware of what he was doing? They send in pictures 55:14 One daughter calls back in to say thanks 56:30 Adam wraps the interview and how it ties to OG Kush 58:15 Sponsor Shout outs 1:06:22 Lets talk about Sour Diesel with AJ in the studio/ Story of the Weasel 1:08:20 Pinskey calls in to say High/ Weasel story continues 1:14:13 AJ tells us about Underdog aka the original Headband 1:15:54 Pinskey calls back 1:18:30 Mike aka the Weasel calls in 1:28:15 what’d ya bring back from Amsterdam? Underdog/ Headband story 1:32:51 next cross using the Mass Super Skunk x Underdog male = Sour Diesel! 1:40:41 the Sonoma connection 1:46:33 NY State 1:51:52 Weasel signs off/ Who popped the actual seed? 1:53:08 Sponsor Shout outs 2:00:15 JERK! AJ wraps up the Weasel story/ OJ Simpson and the 5 way sativa 2:08:00 Bike’s take on the whole thing 2:11:11 caller asks AJ about the Cheese? Gegax daughters? 2:17:17 OGenome Project? 2:20:11 Matt Riot calls in and talks about the Gegax Sisters 2:24:40 John from the OGenome project calls in 2:32:00 chatroom fights 2:32:50 good chicken- show wraps- shout outs

  3. Mitch just can't wait enterupting people, worse case of ADHD I've ever seen, this is an example of why people don't like stoners, can't shut his mouth for a second !

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