The 25th Anniversary Bubblegum Reunion

A 25 year cut of Bubblegum and Adam are reunited. Also, Hazel from the Emerald Cup, Kristin Nevedal of International Cannabis Farmers Association, and the …


  1. I'm a second-generation grower and I've known about bubble gum out of Massachusetts from the 80s in late 70s so it was already around from what I heard it originates in Massachusetts

  2. In studio is Rod Segal from the Flower of Life Genetics and KTI. Intro includes lots of history on Bubblegum 9:49 MTI? how’s your week? 11:25 RIP Dennis Peron 14:00 when did you get into cannabis? 19:27 Will comes into the studio with the Original Bubblegum cut 21:08 Victor owner of Grey Area in Amsterdam calls into the show 23:35 Gene calls into the show 30:04 AK-47 and Green Crack 37:14 growing in Portugal? 43:30 Bubblegum gets stolen! 51:19 what’s popular in Portugal? 56:27 Bubblegum clone pictured 1:04:28 going to Amsterdam? 1:09:38 sponsor shout outs 1:18:40 Gene calls back in 1:20:20 Vic is back on the phone 1:23:15 Rhode Island? 1:39:00 Victor and touring Europe 1:54:18 Vic story 1:58:26 Gene story 2:00:04 the famous people that came to the shop 2:01:33 Vic was a baller 2:04:55 Bubblegum and the CIA 2:09:22 Rod’s FoCo SAGE and OG kush story 2:13:50 Adam talks about drying in Colorado 2:20:22 Gene suggests tissue culture for the Bubblegum 2:23:15 CBD 2:25:40 Flower of Life genetics shout out 2:28:36 Gene on social media and crypto 2:37:18 Vic moves to Costa Rica 2:42:00 local regulations 2:54:18 reunited with the Bubblegum! 2:57:55 Adam wraps the show

  3. I had always wondered about why they used the name AK-47.  It’s not only a weapon, but it can be confused with an Afghan Kush that takes 47 days.  I was honored to be on this episode!

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