1. After many failed experiments with some other brands, I finally found this brand. Weedborn products are the best and I don't think I would ever need to look for another CBD supplier. I highly recommend for practically any health problem.

  2. Great video, thanks for sharing! I tried some CBD dog treats from Eden's Herbals for my dogs separation anxiety and so far they're definitely helping!

  3. yeah, Hempful Farms is great. I use to use cbdmd a lot, but their products seem to lose quality over time. Not sure if they dilute their oils now or what, but Hempful Farms is rock solid one to get.

  4. Katy great vid I did have one concern with your Doberman eating the way she is as with this breed she could twist her stomach, also your dog is great on her leash but to set a example for other maybe consider a fitted harness to prevent trachea damage. Great work thou , you done a awesome job , I am part of a animal rescue Heart and Soul cat and dog rescue , my specialty is working with the extreme cases such as a wild dogs that have never been around humans or severely abused dogs. Plus fostering dogs all of your pets are doing great , for the dog with the limp you can also try using red light therapy , now hemp oil is great for severe pain I recommend cbd that is natural and has a higher count , sometime your local pot shops have great products for your dogs keep up the great work .

  5. Would definitely recommend trying CBD oil!!!!!! I started giving my dog CBD treats from this amazing company Eden's Herbals. I've seen such a difference since trying these!

  6. Beautiful do. Wonder what happens when we stop giving the dogs the hemp seed oil. Will there be any sort of withdrawal symptoms? TIA 🙂

  7. Thank you so much for this video <3 My 7-year-old Toby (Great Dane/Akita mix) suffered from stomach and anxiety problems when he was brought from the shelter. Upon researching, I found the perfect brand of CBD Oil which healed him and our family <3 For all the pawrents out there reading this- I've shared my personal story so it could help every dog owner out there as it did me. Since URL are blocked in the comments, you'll have visit my channel and go to the 'About' section for the article 😀

  8. I have noticed several CBD oils on websites like Petco or Petcarerx for dogs, and I was wondering if they are useful. Thank you for making this amazing video which gave me all the answers I needed.

  9. Hemp oil doesn’t have cbd so what are you expecting to see
    Happen? It does have good fatty acids but it has no cbd or thc. Wake up people hemp oil is not CBD!

  10. When you say "fish oil is bad for dogs" are you referring to the human fish oil capsules or salmon oil? I have been giving my two labradors salmon oil for a little over a year now because of the health benefits. Its great for their skin and coat health not to mention its really good for heart health, joint health, and cognitive function. I'm just genuinely curious! In regards to your video I am seriously considering purchasing CBD/ hemp oil for my 3 year old rescued lab. She suffers from separation anxiety and gets super agitated whenever she hears a car drive by or sees new people. She not aggressive by any means, new things just stress her out. I'm hoping to start incorporating CBD into both dogs diets because of the amazing benefits that you mentioned! Both of my dogs, especially my 7 year old lab, suffer from joint issues. Penny (my 3 year old lab) has had her right shoulder pop out a few times. As for Buck (the 7 year old) his age and genes are starting to catch up with him unfortunately. The supplements I've been giving them seem to help, but we still have days where Buck get lame/sore from playing. He likes to roughhouse with his sister and it sometimes gets the best of him. Anyway, dog mom tangent over lol, loved the vid!!

  11. Katy, I see you are advertising for Amazon. I'm not sure you're aware or not but Amazon doesn't allow CBD to be sold on their platform, it's in their seller terms. So what you see on Amazon is only hemp oil, there is no CBD in it. Many products are mislabeled on there too. Some companies manage to get their products on the platform but they get pulled down. If you're interested. We have a free business opportunity. Our CBD Pet Tag is the first of it's kind and works for up to a yr. No dosing, it just works when you need it, where you need it and in the right amount, you need 24/7. Our products have at least 2 patents, some have more. We've won 13 awards including the prestigious Edison Gold Medal. Our products have NO ingredients in them so no CBD or THC enters the body. Products are for people and pets.

  12. Today’s my dogs first day of cbd oil. I noticed the calmness while we were eating as she is always whining and barking bc we ignore her so she discontinued but she doesn’t care she keeps on whining lol. Tomorrow I will try giving her a walk and see how that goes. She is usually a puller and is crazy sniffling everything. You have beautiful dogs. I love how the dog have two different eye color

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