Spotlight on Migraine – Episode 17 – Cannabis for Treating Migraine and Cluster Diseases

Dr. Shivang Joshi of the Dent Neurologic Institute gives a presentation on the use of Marijuana or Cannabis for treating migraine and cluster diseases.


  1. 1 gram of weed is about $10.
    A medical dose is 1mg-15mg.
    1kmg in 1 gram.
    Tylenol is around $10 for a 100 count of 500mg tablets.
    One has multiple side effects.
    The other may cure all your disorders and conditions in one use.
    Dont let big pharma win.

  2. It's great to hear so many people saying this works. I have had migraines twice a week for most of my life. Started when I was 6. Sometimes it levels me and the pain keeps me in bed all day. Sometimes I throw up. Sometimes I just can't do anything. I really want to try CBD or marijana but I don't even know how to get a it. CBD seems extremely expensive and unregulated.

  3. I have been getting bad headaches the day after the use of vaporizing marijauana. No other headaches before, just after use it gives me headaches, any ideas. thanks

  4. After using cannabis , does it only masks the pulsing effect over the migraine duration, or does it helps make the migraine occurance actually go away? Thanks for your response in advance to whom ever you are.

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  6. I have migraines with aura and the only thing that worked for me was CBD oil. I was on so many medications over the last 10 years and nothing worked. I vaped CBD forst and it worked instantly I couldnt believe it. Now im using Dr. Hemp Me's 10% CBD oil every day and iv been migraine free for over a year.

  7. I used to have the worst migraines with auras, I wasn’t able to see my left eye in the mirror.(I’d usually have migraines every week). I started using cannabis and cbd and the last time I had one was 3 months ago

  8. Since my early days in college, I have these headaches. Also obtained the Daith piercing to test and also help lessen the severity and frequency. My colleague suggested I consider this impressive vestibular migraine guide “Mοyοkοn Axy” (Google it) to examine if it had any particular amazing benefits. In my situation it gets results. Since the month of October I have not endure headaches. .

  9. So if I’ve understood this correctly Cannabis can not only help prevent cluster headache but can also treat an attack? If so then more research needs to be performed and quickly, too! For example, I use Subcutaneous Sumatriptan when I get a CH, and 75% of the time it’s totally effective, however the other 25% of the time I get no relief and have to call the doctor for help. If it’s during the day the doctor will come and give 20mg intramuscular Morphine or Diamorphine with good effect, but out of hours an ambulance is sent. Oxygen therapy never seems to work so they give Entonox (Nitrous oxide 50%, Oxygen 50%) with a mild to moderate effect until a doctor can administer intravenous or intramuscular Morphine, or intranasal Diamorphine. But this all takes time and a treatment that I could use at home when Imigran/Imitrex isn’t working would be a god send. I take valproate to prevent clusters however the effects are little to none. And here in the UK Octreotide is not licensed for CH. So if this is an option then those of us with persistent CH despite standard treatment need to know.

    Thank you for this very educational and informative video, greatly appreciated here and I look forward to learning more about the use of Cannabis is treating CH as I definitely understand why they’re also known as suicide headaches. Keep up the good work!

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