Sour 101 with The Bro

You mad BRO! Or are you Sour ? One thing is for sure this show Is gonna be liiiit! We have the “BRO” comin on to break down once and for all the real story …


  1. And of all the shit about Gipsey Nirvana I can only talk about my personal experience with him and he was nothing but good to me and very generous I only bought seeds from him once maybe but when I lossed power for 2weeks because of a hurricane I lossed a lot of genetics that I was unable to save. Luckily I was able to save a couple moms. But when I took that big hit Gipsey really came through for me and gifted me a lot of genetics along with a bunch of others in the community that allowed me to continue which I could never of afforded to do at that time without the help of our community.

  2. And back then I was mostly working with a few Rez strains and Bog strains that did really well for me. Also I found one pheno of blue mystic from Nirvana seeds that smelled like a fruity but funky dead animal smell that turned out to be really popular down In south Florida. I had been growing outdoors and then started with a partner growing indoors. I then went on my own and actually posted my first indoor grow that I did solo with no partner. I believe that grow is the only one I actually posted online on icmag back in 2004. It’s still on icmag under flipmastermike. It was in. 8×8 closet using dwc but that small area produced some of the best buds in the area at that time. And I give the credit to the success I had because of the genetics I was gifted.

  3. Can’t believe you mentioned Rez’s name before all the fuckery he did have some decent strains. He gifted me a pack of a strain he called Galadriel which was a Sour Diesel bx x c99 out of those seeds I found one keeper that had the smell and taste of the sour but the bushy structure of the c99 I ended up running that mother for over 10years in South Florida starting in around 2004. It took off like crazy. I wish I still had that mother it was a beautiful thing so tasty snd smelly.

  4. Original headband was bred on the west coast, in Arizona. It was later trafficked to Vallejo. Cut of Sours pollinated with a kush male. There are two diesel strains bred by two different people back then. That is why all of these people are confused.

  5. lads the last 3 shows have been class, love the stories!!! keep them coming and big hello from Ireland, Adam did'nt picture you how you really look!! & Dave of course

  6. Really like where this show is going, great content and entertaining! maybe show a couple close ups of what you are smoking? not one bud shot in the show, com'on guys lol
    cheers from southern Ontario Canada.

  7. These shows where y’all cover another strain every week are awesome please just keep this going . Pick a strain and call all of your friends up associated with the strain…done badass show. Except the science talk on this episode went wayyyy to fuckin long.

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