Shraddha Kapoor Use To Have Take CBD Oil As A Substance What Is This CBD Oil

What is CBD Oil which Shraddha Kapoor use to have?? Check out the video #SHRADDHAKAPOOR #CBDOIL #RHEACHAKRABORTY For latest update on …


  1. Hi! This is really instructional. I have been trying to look for a YouTube vid that teaches the ideas in this YouTube video. The part at 1:24 is super knowledgable. Your lesson really is like the content from Dr. Ethan! Doctor's videos are actually informative and he actually helped me on my studies! He is the most informative Doctor in the UK and he teaches vitamins.

    You should watch his channel out and give the doc a like! 👉 #DoctorEthanQandA

  2. Ye har chiz me sushant ko kyu dal dete h.? Taki khud bach jaye. Hrr chiz me….. Pehle shradha, dinesh orr baki … ….bolte the ki vo sushant ko drugs dete the 😂😂😂😂wah bhyi wah

  3. First of all I have a question to you and blind fools ssr fans. We're you all present their when she told that she consumes cbd oil to ncb? Or godimedia was present their? Did ncb told you all? Shit.
    Ncb is a designated investigating department and it will never disclose any investigation to anyone nor cbi.
    This is also for chats shown by them
    You cannot see whatsapp chats without mobile. Actresses haven't given their phone to media , they gave to ncb and ncb didn't told anything officially. Then how are they showing chats and statements given by them?
    The answer is all are fake.
    Please don't believe them.
    And to this page , you don't have to support anyone let the blind fools get intoxicated by media but you don't put any false post. Use your brain and if you want to make video to protect them then just spread my logic.

  4. बाप बूढ़ा हो गया है, उस से कुछ होता नहीं । सीबीडी तेल उसी के लिए मंगाया था।

  5. If.. Its using someone for mental health and its helpful too. Then where is the problem to taking this.. Whats the fault of shradha shushnt deepika.. Thts all drama.. Police just trying to hide the actul point ssr r reason of suicide.. Or murder.. And involving big star actress name to get maximum no. Of trp media attentiin thats it..

  6. Abey public ko kyu nhi dikh rha hai ki shraddha akele nhi hai chichore wale promotion party ke photos me ush ke sath puri chichore ki cate hai aur rhi baat cbd oil ki woh legally amazon aur koi bhi jagah pr sell ki ja rhi hai and it is used for medical reasons.

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