1. He's testing for genetic makeup not chemical densities..that chick's friend's equipment is not needed. Sheesh. Bank your strains now–if you know how to do that. Cuz we're going back in time—if you remember how to do that.

  2. Oh my god–you have no idea what genetic mapping is! You don't even know that patents exist on genotypes, genes, etc. Mapping genes if for BIg Ag. We're in the phenotype game boys. You are not going to be able to map a genome. You can breed for OG phenotypic traits. But you never say what those are for OG…i just really hate ignorant people. A genome. They think they're gonna map a genome. And if you don't think they will enforce patents, the you aren't paying attention. Idiots. How you feeling about 'solving mysteries' of strains now?

  3. And how much of the species' genome have you sequenced? Since you didn't know how many genes–let alone which ones–determine smell, I'm curious as to how much genetic mapping of the species, let alone sub-species, you or anyone has…it would be great if you did…just sayin'

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