S2E2 – We Talk Genetics – The Adam Dunn Show

Mitch & Crunchy are joined by Max Montrose to talk about the true history of the Bruce Banner strains w their creator Jason of Darkhorse Genetics, and have a …


  1. No!!! And L is a joint with an other paper , layed laterally, attached at an end of a regular layed paper. It’s a big fat joint, definition of a big fat joint. God damn, how do you not know this?

  2. Another show ruined by CoJack…Glad you got rid of this dude..You can actually redo most of these shows..the consensus is people get frustrated with the cutting off of the guest or guests..What a shame..👎👎👎👎

  3. Where is a good source of genetics in Colorado for an indoor personal grower? Dispensaries or craigslist? Craigslist sounds a little fishy at first but I don't think there's as much incentive to lie or cheat someone out of 15 bucks just to say you have a strain of something that's actually something else. I can't find as many strains as I'd like either at dispensaries.. : (
    I'm surprised there isn't an app to let you know what strains have clones and where. Hmm…

  4. I think you should do a show on the Strawberry Fields, which led to the cough. The history and lore behind the Strawberry Fields is important, and somewhat unknown. I believe a lot of strains came off of that. It is an unreal strain, and something special is going on there…

  5. @Gor3illawarfare  We're still recording vids – working on a new hosting solution – seems like they're not safe on YT as our account has gone all crazy since someone flagged the Chemdog vids.  Thanks for your patience!

  6. Mitch when you mentioned the word expression that was perfect timing man and I agree as with the rest of the panel there, things just come out wrong sometimes ;^}

  7. If a plant was chemically treated to create polyploidy would the clone show genetic markers from this treatment? I wondered if the genetic tests on the OG would include testing for polyploidy markers if it's available.

  8. So supa from Hawaii who called in to the show is saying that crippy is a child of the duck foot from aus, so matt bubbas og is a bagseed of the 86 crippy…. The ognome project needsto get done ASAP . Supas 86 cut vs swap boys t.k vs matts og only time will tell. Props to the show again much love

  9. I remeber smoking that haze from NYC..it use to be around like the sour is now back around 2004-2005…it had a taste and smell like no other;-) you can light it in a room full of smoke and that aroma would STANDOUT!;-) I've been looking high and low for that strain…and what I'm asking is does anyone know if the haze around nyc..jersey..mass..and CT around 2004-2006 was just arjans haze #1? Arjans ultra haze #1? Arjans haze #3? Or nevills haze?And I mean the frosty piney insense chrismas like taste and look…not the kinda dence lime green yellowish piffy haze…but the one they called purple haze? Does anyone know?

  10. The Banner strains descend from the Original OG.  None of this Larry or Fire.or Coal Creek BS.   From when it was just OG and no one had heard of it.  All OG and Sour D descendants tend to be hermaphroditic.  This is why we have all these derivative strains like the Larry, this or that valley or city or Joe Cool OG.  All those are from bag seed from the original OG.   The Banner is very high in resin and smells great.  Sometimes you have to rely on what something does to you.  Then it can get accidentally crossed with cough and that could be claimed as a breeding triumph, being better than the Banner phenos. But it’s also another accident.  Don’t be fooled by looks, ever, in this seedy game.

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