S1E46 – The TRUE History of OG Kush – Part 3 – The Adam Dunn Show

While Adam is out, Mitch & Murphy continue the OG Kush investigation. First, they speak to OrgnKid who famously distributed the OG Kush genetics on …


  1. I know I'm late to the party here but just so you know I listened to this whole saga of OG because I really was researching the origins of Crippy in Florida. Crippy is NOT just a word for good weed. Crippy has a VERY distinct flavor. I'm from NY and would go visit my brother in Miami, this is back in 2001 for the first time, anyway…he lived there for a very long time and was getting this weed for years and years already. The taste is amazing…and very DISTINCTIVE, this piney-citrussy-funk flavor. I went back to Florida in 2007 to West Palm to live for a year and a half and while I was there I would get Crippy and not always from my brother's guy)…and it was the EXACT same flavor I remembered from 6 years prior. They dont have it NY…I've never seen it in NY and never heard of it in NY, personally at least. So now I hear that the Crippy is really OG Kush and this special cut, that may or may not trace back to Frank Gegax (who's interview I watch also and was awesome btw). I'm going to Cali on Tues so I really wanna get the OG Kush from someone reliable and taste it for myself, that's how I'll know for sure I guess. Can anyone verify that Crippy is DEFINITELY what Californians call OG Kush? Has anyone done any genetic testing on both?

  2. Okay, so after 3 shows totaling six hours and 12 minutes I'm still a little lost. So what would a cut of og cost me today and is it even possible to get?

  3. It can be a good bit different just from changes of grow rooms outside differences all of that can make a big phenotypic expression show different so it can be a good bit of difference through the different cuts passed around through different areas through the years that is fact mr. Soul speaks a lot on one of his interviews about this

  4. Intro No Adam- Mitch, Murphy and the Kid are in the studio 5:03 News read by Mitch 14:39 Orgn Kid in the phone talks about the Ghost OG 20:20 Are all these OG cuts the same? 21:47 Banana Kush? 22:55 Blackberry Kush? Horrible phone connection- good luck trying to understand anything 24:40 OG Kush seeds? 26:13 seeds vs clones? Whats what? What year? Selfing? The phone connection is poor and hard to hear Orgn Kid at all 35:18 Name game vs different OG cuts? 37:00 Tahoe OG? 37:25 Fire OG? 37:40 Hells Angel OG? 37:59 Larry OG? 38:17 Raskal OG? 39:28 Thanks you to Orgn Kid for calling in 40:03 Stick Figures is the Kid’s favorite band 43:35 Music starts 48:12 were back w/ Sponsors shout outs 51:52 OG KushMan calls in and talks about winning his cup 53:00 Cookie Monster hype! 56:10 what we know so far about OG Kush? 57:30 KOG graffiti crew 1:00:43 everyone acts like they know OG? 1:05:11 Strain Hype! 1:07:30 Fire OG cut OG Raskal 1:08:52 Hells Angels? XXX? 1:14:55 Future projects? Contact info? 1:16:52 Pre-Soviet Afgan? 1:21:10 Thanks for calling in OG KushMan 1:21:40 Music starts 1:23:32 were back with Sponsor Shout outs 1:26:42 OG Kush story so far 1:28:16 Fletcher from Archive Seed bank is on the phone 1:29:54 What other OG’s are out there? Face Off, Poison, Cold Creek Kush, Environmental effect on OG 1:39:24 Side by side testing? 1:40:23 Triangle? 1:42:03 Bubba Kush? Green/ Purple/ Pre-98 cuts1:46:07 future projects w/ OG’s? Face Off? Poison? Call ends with Fletcher 1:49:30 interview wrap up Sponsor Shout outs

  5. Appreciate the series Adam and other guy(sorry don’t know name.) Amazing info! Constructive criticism—host that isn’t Adam should stop cutting people off every other sentence.

  6. A good point is a lot of people that are just growing for head stash these days are going to see to finish and not worrying about clones you get healthier genetics in my opinion and a larger expression of phenotypes for fun flavors. Obviously different if you're trying to homogenize for a brand😜

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