S1E33 The Adam Dunn Show – All About Dabs Part 2

Organic chemist Jim Freire (http://www.appliedsynergybotanicals.com) schools Adam & Mitch on the history of modern cannabis concentrates, the chemistry of …


  1. Really respect my fellow dead head ww( jim) wish this would have focused on lsd, however I'm happy to hear his knowledge on cannabis, even though I already read most of this via him. Much love fa m!

  2. I learned as a young borderline pyro that butane almost instantly melts plastic. Bug spray too.

    This stuff mostly went right over my head, but around 41:34 seems like a great little tip for the learning extract artist or oil maker. Coconuts and Cannabis in general seem to be a good match in certain ways.

  3. I may or may not have invented kind bud. You guys should upload older videos. Kristian rosales has a lot, but I don't want to blast some ripoff comments section. jk about kind bud btw. I don't think such a strain even exists.

    I'm sure I'm alone on this, but I think medical marijuana is a shitty compromise to legalizing cannabis. No one should have to jump through hoops to get what I'd say is the kindest plant on the planet. the shit used to grow everywhere naturally before we even founded the USA, so who are these fucking jokes to say "only certain dying people can have 1 strain". MEh I dunno, I just think the cannabis community should say fuck medical marijuana, start it's own underground network that's dedicated to getting people the medication they need/protecting those families, and not step down from the idea that cannabis should be 100% legalized and unregulated. Though that last part is probably impossible. And all this is just my opinion, which I think is right =)

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