S1E25 – Cannabis Cup Winners Special with Rare Dankness, Nikka T, Swerve & More – Apr 23, 2014

We’re joined in studio by a ton of 2014 US High Times Cannabis Cup winners, and we connect with even more on the phone! Championship tips and notes on …


  1. Uhm you guys know that river rock specifically spends big money to keep weed illegal, right? Actually I STRONGLY suggest demonizing medicial weed big business in general, but at the very least boycotting all million+ $ dispensaries, because they are very likely the ones owned by individuals who spend big money lobbying to keep cannabis medicinal only/illegal. The info is not exactly public, so it's hard to determine who's evil or not. The campaign to regulate marijuana like alcohol is the only lobby group I know of that is actually getting weed legalized recreationally, they were the power that got it legalized in CO and WA.

    dispensaries should not be allowed to enter cannabis cups and other cups IMO, because the bigger they are, the more they have to gain from weed staying illegal, and the more likely they are to be giving lobby groups large amounts of cash to keep cannabis illegal.

  2. Can someone explain to me who swerve is and what exactly he does? as unbiased as possible. I don't mean to potentially spread untrue shit if he doesn't deserve it, but I get the impression he has a pathological need to be known as the creator of good bud, but isn't even a breeder. Even in this he implies that rascal og Is his, and maybe it's an issue of similar names, but I would guess that og rascal created rascal og… no? I really don't know much about him, but everything I see suggests he is buying his reputation in cash.

  3. the corporate influence of charlettes web is suspect. The scene needs to shut down government backed strains, and be on the lookout for Monsanto infiltrating genetics. I'm actually really worried the majority of growers are going to sabotage their own gardens when the evil powers that be start spreading their genetically altered  genetics designed to eradicate all genetics. sounds like fiction, but it's pretty well known that Monsanto has successfully done this(more or less) with soy beans and corn.

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