Red states legalizing recreational marijuana too

The 2020 election proved how broadly accepted recreational marijuana has become throughout the US and across party lines, with measures to legalize …


  1. Colorado is being double crossed….drop the prices to 20/quarter or we lose the safer choice…Colorado's "industry leaders" are United in greed and charging 80 for a quarter 450 for an ounce and setting the people against each other..setting up a schism between rich and poor…and additional efforts have been made to divide older alcohol drinkers against those who want to vote for and produce a much safer choice….they are scutteling it on purpose… need to know…there is no such thing as justice that is not social. .do not take the bait…they are also disarming pocket knives in cannabis shops but not liquor stores to leverage a normalized perception of subservience in the marijuana smoking population…it is wrong…and you need to correct it in order to save the safer choice movement….watch my video titled drinking while driving.

  2. Bout time c'mon texas texas it's the last state to allow anything like that it's all the it's a sin in gods eyes but yet they go home and beat there wives make me food honey smack 🤣 nah it's just in the old ways too much 😜 and the old-timers are scared again it's a sin smack 🤣 y'all have a great one pilgrims hahahaha

  3. Everything in moderation. Drug abuse like alcohol abuse is a social problem not a criminal problem. We need a ballot to stop corporations from drug testing for marijuana which is a violation of fourth amendment rights.

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