Rally pushes for legalization of recreational marijuana in Pennsylvania

The push to legalize marijuana in Pennsylvania heightened Tuesday as back-to-back rallies and even a roundtable discussion was held to move the legislation …


  1. All I hear is more crying about the shutdowns and mandates like the pandemic isn't one of the worst health crisis to hit our society. I really feel for the people who lost their livelyhood. However they were in the right to try to curb the spread of the virus, the issue lies nnot from wolf imposing the mandates, but from the people who perpetuated the spread and kept the lockdowns going. Its been a year and a half and now we have the Delta variant spreading because people just cant nut up and do what needs to be done to shut down the virus. In WW2 during the blitz London had to have mandatory blackouts to help hide the city from the bombers at night. The whole city had to band together to protect themselves. The idea that people couldn't be adults and wear just a piece of fabric over their face for like 20 minutes while they shop actually blows my mind. How people are making the existence of a virus a political issue, how they go against science and cry fake news. If we would have banded together like Americans should be able to do considering we are supposed to be united states, then the lockdowns would have ended way sooner and most if not all of those people would have come out the other side just fine. I rant here because the anti-intellectual, anti-science, and just everything going on right now is absolutely disgusting. He has no right to say Wolf cost all those people those jobs, the fact that that is an argument against legalization is disgusting, just like all these people thatperpetuate this insanity. These people have no intention of carrying the will of the people. This is a fact that has been drilled into my head the past couple years. Rant over.

  2. Pa is not gonna legalize it for another couple years. You know how much money they squeeze out of us when on probation. Not to mention 100 hours of community service.

  3. So I grow hundreds of plants outside, kidnapped by police, sodomized in state prison all so that the people of PA all can get high and reward the evil rich stores for taxes and greed? Do I have that right? Would this not make you guys super evil and murderers. Your state ran a man over with a bulldozer over 10 plants. I'M GETTING GOD, I AM GETTING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED, JUST YOU ALL WAIT!

  4. Anyone who has been pushing for legalization for taxes for the state and proposing plant limits on me is nothing more than a COVETOUS THIEF. You are all guilty liars, and I read every single comment from reddit to youtube. Your wealthy exploit the poor for a long time now. Your fraud democrats who set up your scam mmj program got it coming and you all got it coming!

  5. It needs to happen…its one less thing the police have to worry about, the state will make a shit load of money in taxes which they can use for other things and people will chill the fuck out. Plus it will create jobs.

  6. You will live in a totalitarian hell hole, but at least the jackboots won't kick in your door for getting stoned. Unfortunately they will probably another reason to do it.

  7. Generate revenue, create jobs, free non violent people from jail, helps people afford their medication easier, prevent opioid addiction and death. This will be great for Pennsylvania

  8. Been legal in Canada across the country for a few years now and we’ve had zero issues. Except for crazy prices and the bud is usually 3/6 months old if your buying from a legal government run dispensary. Or be smart and don’t by the “legal government weed”. Legalize across all of America. Good luck from 🇨🇦

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