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Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures (PNES), also referred to as functional seizures, are seen in about a third of cases for those seen for medically refractory …


  1. I thought I was just having panic attacks maybe I still I do. When an onlooker started to scream that I looked like I was having a seizure I started to have doubts. Also when other people described how their panic attacks were not even near what I experienced I began to suspect something more was going on. Just hearing her saying she felt like ants were crawling on her head knowing that’s exactly how I felt moments before I had an episode is actually scaring me. I’m confused and scared now.

  2. The human body isn’t just a bunch of cells there are many layers to it such as the electrical, etheric , spiritual and stuff u probably haven’t heard of. The disruption or imbalance of one can affect the other. Unfortunately modern medicine doesn’t seem to take these things into consideration .

  3. There is only one herbalist doctor on YouTube called doctor oje that can help you cure EPILEPSY seizures with his herbal medicine, I was once a patient he cure my with his herbal medicine and is powerful and good, get your cure now from Dr Oje on YouTube thank you.

  4. In Australia neurologist doing neuroscience, don't care about the patient's with non epilepsy seizures,
    23 years no explanation and a form 174.
    Mine is due to head truma, so they don't care at all.
    Within my epilepsy seizures books there's over 2000 seizures recorded, and ambulance service to hospitals for epileptic seizures. The neurologists don't care, why should I.😩
    If I fall again onto traintracks it doesn't matter, if I fall in the middle of an intersection, it doesn't matter, if I have another seizure at home 🏡 and I'm unconscious for hours in the shower,it doesn't matter, my life doesn't matter.
    My GP knows and he looks after me.🙂
    Over all my neurologist doesn't care,I don't matter.

  5. I have C-PTSD and experience convulsions, ticks, and arm thrashing when I experience invasive memories of my group sexual battery (and other Narcissistic abuses). I take two kinds of anti epileptic medication.

  6. Maybe I’m crazy, but when I have these seizures, it’s like I’ve entered another realm and tuned into another frequency. It’s so wild. I don’t believe that it’s suppressed emotions or whatever they’re trying to sum it up to, I’ve been in therapy for most of my adult life and I’ve worked through my life’s traumas. I truly believe spirits are trying to communicate with me when I’m in that state. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  7. My friend has been seizure free for 2 years.! I am not a a doctor but I was attending college to become a psychologist. I believe that some people do need to see a psychiatrist but not every problem can be solved taking psychiatric drugs. I was raped by my sister for about 10 years when I was just a kid so this is what really makes me more qualified in mental healing!

  8. Human, psychological, suppression and keeping abuse a secret causes the grief to manifest into traumatic seizures from pushing the grief away down deep inside a person. Dying from grief is real people!

  9. Are eyes always closed during psycogenic non epilepsyseizhures??My seizhured do not appear on EEG snd most times eyes halfopened or closed that why doctors say that I have non epileptic seizhures

  10. Hi I have uploaded a video of my "seizures" they started in 2017 they are very weird. I had 2 hospital stays 1st they thought I had faciobrachio dystonic seizures and i was treated with plasma pherisis. lots of blood work and spinal tap scans, Mri's and eeg's diagnosis is partial seizures. I was having 10-15 a day tried several meds. Now I'm on xcopri, seems to be helping them. Mostly had them in my sleep but then progressed. please look at my video. I have been looking for other videos to see if they compare and I haven't found anything.

  11. I Need some help I have experienced seizures two times last 2019
    And recently just a couple of weeks ago
    And I don't have any apelipsy since then
    I can only experience seizures specially when I can't have enough sleep during Night times
    How can I deal with it, I need help my experience of it already gives me a lot of trauma

  12. Exceptional video!!! My mom is 73 & is continuing to see doctor are doctor for a medical diagnosis ignoring PTSD. Trauma being stored in the body. Thank you for this!!!

  13. I hate seizures I feel dumb when I’m around my friends and at school cuz I have trouble learning unlike everyone in my school who are smarter then me I’m sure. I only try to act “cool” at school bc I think it would be embarrassing if someone saw me and think I’m dumb 😕🥺

  14. My daughter is now 16 yrs old and at the age of two she started suffering from pneumonia and being admitted at my district hospital,treatment given by the doctor was improving some sort of high fever and almost got controlled of it,but suddenly on the 2nd day of staying at hospital she was started convulsion with a quite long seizure for almost 3-4 hours without stopping..and then after little controlled,we are ask to goto the state capital and get admitted to the bigger,and high medical facilities and where specialist Dr.available. after taking medicine prescribe by them my daughter was much improved.and at the age of 6 she was admitted in local school and was going for a period of two yrs schooling.after this she was started this seizure/convulsion 8yrs of age till today and her seizure become more and more severe despite of several treatments from the same doctors and medicines.please advise sir,!!🙏

  15. Please i need some advice.
    In 2017, i got my first seizure.
    In 2019,i got second one
    And just recently last week,i got s tbird one.
    I dont take any epilepsy medecines and i get it only when i have extremely long and heavy periods and its towards the end of the period.
    P.s last time,i have fever during my period and this time i had food poisoning. And sugar was high as well.
    Is it epilepsy?what should i do?should i go to a neurologist?
    I also have pcos

  16. I’ve had ptsd for over 20 years, a year ago I left my ex and then the seizures started. I had an eeg they are non epileptic but I recently had surgery and 6 nurses witnessed it. I think my ptsd got worse and it caused this.

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