"Our hands were tied." Millie's Story (Cannabis for Kids, Part 1) | National Geographic

Penn and Nicole Mattison’s daughter, Millie, has infantile spasms with hypsarrhythmia, a form of epilepsy. By the time she was four months old she was having …


  1. یاشافی السقم
    یاهویامن لاهوالاهو
    یامن‌اسمه‌دواء‌وذکره شفاء
    یاراحم الطفل الصغیر
    یامن بیده ملکوت کل شی وهوعلی کل شیء قدیر
    اشف مرضانا واشف مریض منظور هذاالطفل الصغیر
    ای خدای من بحرمت جد فرزندم وبحرمت فرزندفاطمه ونرجس خاتون این طفل ومریضهای بد وحاد رو الساعه شفای عاجل عنایت بفرما.
    توروبه دستهای بریده حضرت ابوالفضل)ع)قسم میدم.😭😭😭😭😭🙏

  2. In addition to her seizures, it is very clear watching her that she is having trouble breathing. I wonder if her tonsils and adenoids were an issue (it is now 6 years later) and whether she has tethered oral tissue (lip and tongue tie) that if present, would be contributing to her seizures.

  3. Wow! How intriguing! I live n Pueblo, CO & I hav a 7 yr old autistic daughter. I've been thinking about trying cannabis also. Just bcuz I've heard/seen so many success stories w/ the use of cannabis 4 autism. My daughter is nonverbal & still n pull ups. She has progressed a ton since we hav been n CO tho. We moved here from Ks 3 yrs ago. They just hav so much more 2 offer out here. So so happy 4 u guys that cannabis seems 2 b successful 4 ur daughter. May God bless u all always🙏

  4. I can't understand why doctors recommend a keto diet for children but not cannabis. Keto is a relatively new diet for the industrial age whose effects are not well known other than helping adults lose weight. Cannabis has been around much longer but no one has been willing to do studies on children. The drugs they approve to treat autism make their symptoms worse and have limited clinical trials. And with so many states willing to legalize, most doctors refuse to get on board.

  5. this isnt a drug. This is a plant a herb…ppl need to stop calling this a drug. I suffer from hemiplegic migraines and was getting a prescription called hydrocodone. That was extremely strong and was getting me addicted to it I was able to get my medical card because of my condition. It helps me so much with the nausea due to the migraines, it helps me with the pain and it also helps me sleep. This needs to be legalized this is good for a lot of people. Big Pharma does not want marijuana to be legal because they knw they will lose a lot of money because marijuana can help with a lot of health issues

  6. He initially said the potential harm is lesson giving the use of cannabinoids a bad name to begin with instead of it being a possible positive influence

  7. thank you! for doing this short Documentary.
    I hope one day everyone will see this is really good .
    cannabis should be available to anyone who needs
    it. and that's probably most of us!

  8. This is why we need to change the law. We should study CBD. I'm not for cbd only laws because we all know cbd works better with THC but if we open it up for our scientists to study, imagine the outcome

  9. big pharma makes crap loads of money to keep trusting people sick without killing them in order to keep reeling them in. The FARMACY is the great spirits medicine chest. ♥

  10. The doctors actually prescribed a ketogenic child to an infant. YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS SHIT UP!!! LOL. I tip my fedora to the happy merchant he has done a wonderful job, yet again.

  11. Patents now damwell what helps there own kids and need to be left alone! Of course it helps the dear girl because its a natural relaxer! I use it even though iligal to help sleep with my backpain! Sleeping pills or a puff of something natural.Natural thanks!

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