Organically Speaking with Jeremy Silva from Build A Soil

A drop in from James from, Tate from Key to LIfe in studio with special guest. Wolf joins us via skype as well.


  1. Adam… How did u create mkultra it comes from 2clone only stains.. And u have it regular seeds. I thought u just reversed 1 but that would make fem seeds so that cant be it..please help explain

  2. bruh do 720p 30fps 2500kb rate… Your shit lags too much, and drops quality. It would be make a better, and more stable picture. Most people watch on phones more than computers, and/or just don't have a 1080p monitor yet so 720 is still more practical. Plus easy to do without overpriced hardware. Don't need 3k computer….. You could get a AMD ryzen 1700x computer for under $800 with top shelf parts… I heard you mention 3k for a computer in recent video.. Sounds like some middleman shit going on with that, or pointless excess shit.

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