New report finds benefits and risks of marijuana

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine published a new report on the health effects of marijuana, looking at more than 10000 studies …


  1. 53 years old, cannabis user since 1984. I'm a successful engineer, do not use alcohol, do not use tobacco. I exercise frequently. A beautiful family, great economy. Just nice things to say about weed. It is all about the discipline you might have.

  2. Funny people say weed is good but ik people who say weed is good but there addicted to it funny thing is that it's something you want it's not something you need i use to smoke mad pot till i realised i didn't needed it everything is mental if you feel like you need weed I'm sorry to say but your mentally weak smh 😂

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    1. Breathing clean
    2. No more coughing up tar
    3. Increase in oxygen intake
    4. Dramatic increase in energy
    5. Sharper mental dexterity
    6. Smoother mood transitions
    7. Increase in short-term memory
    8. Increase in stress tolerance
    9. Increase in emotional intelligence
    10. More free time for yourself
    11. Improved diet without "muchies"
    12. Dramatic increase in confidence
    13. No more fumbling words
    14. Increase in life results
    15. Increase in creativity
    16. Enjoying simple pleasures
    17. Everything tastes better
    18. Increased muscle growth
    19. Increased ability to relax
    20. Ability to sleep and wake up more easily
    21. No risk of legal problems
    22. Less risk of health problems
    23. No wasting time "scoring"
    24. Deeper relationships
    25. Closer friendships
    26. Increased money
    27. Develop witty personality
    28. Increased desire to improve
    29. Caring more for others
    30. Become more popular
    31. No paranoia
    32. No more indecisiveness
    33. No analysis paralysis
    34. Less personal insecurities
    35. You look happier and healthier
    36. You feel happier and healthier
    37. Increase in presence
    38. Increased alignment with spirit
    39. Increase in problem solving abilities
    40. Gain self-respect
    41. Natural "highs" increase
    42. Less need for sunglasses
    43. No more chest pains
    44. Ability to persuade others
    45. Ability to attract more women/men
    46. Better health
    47. No more caring what others think
    48. Not worrying about running out
    49. Improved concentration levels
    50. Serotonin levels return to normal
    51. Increase in happiness
    52. Become more reliable
    53. No need to hide anything
    54. Forgotten memories creep back
    55. Increased sex drive/better sex
    56. Improved sense of smell
    57. Improved sense of hearing
    58. Improved reticular activating system
    59. No more making BS excuses
    60. Massive increase in dreaming

  5. For one it's not a gateway drug too alcohol and tobacco kills more people and causes cancer which considers more harmful to human body more people has died on alcohol and tobacco no one has die on marijuana no one has ever got cancer for smoking marijuana everyone just trying to beat around the bush because alcohol in the drug companies make more money by marijuana illegal

  6. I loved smoking pot , then I stopped because I still wasn’t sure if it was safe enough . I’m so lost in the middle of whether it should be something I would like to do or something I shouldn’t do at all. I really love getting high but , im not sure if there are bad health risks

  7. why does c b s stories on c b d oils always compare cannibus oil to henp oil? Their not the same , and have totaly difrent efects..I have used both, c b d from hemp is over raited . worked for short time and made me sleep ll the time also gained 30 lbs , could not get anything dune.

  8. i have been smoking weed since i was 20 and i am now 27 and let me tell you.
    That weed has stopped me from Drinking Alchohol or go to higher drugs like Cocaine , etc

    But then again that's why it's legal here in the Netherlands.
    + 0 Deaths on it's name.

    Weed = GODLIKE and has been used mostly by shamans to get in contact with the spirit world.
    Which opens your mind.

    Give me weed anyday over any other drug in the world.
    Because i have weed i don't need to use bigger drugs.

    SO NO Weed is not a GATEWAY drug.
    Atleast not for me and i have been smoking for 7 years now :p

    My father was a alchoholic so i didn't want to drink liquid like beer
    I didn't wanted to try any other drugs like MDMA , Cocaine , etc so i started using weed.

    I am rarely sick.
    I am no longer depressed
    I no longer have suicide thoughs
    It helps with keeping being Hydrated and fed [Eating / Drinking Kicks FTW]
    I don't have any stress

    So US follow the Netherlands and make it use-able for those that need it.
    It will destroy all the other drug epidemics in a matter of years 🙂

  9. CBD oil without THC has helped me with pain, anxiety and insomnia.
    A 25yr old female who had smoked marijuana (unknown to us) was watching our 6yr old granddaughter by the Erie Canal and our beautiful Aliyah drowned. This female could keep her eyes on Aliyah for 5 minutes! She was so passive that it didn't dawn on her to fulfill the responsibility that she had asked to have. Now we are left with a huge hole in our hearts and our family is breaking apart. THC is not good. CBD oil works with the endocannabinoid system.


  11. Did I just hear their "expert" say it takes 2 hours for edibles to "kick in" at around the 3:06 mark? That is completely and 100% false – it's closer to 30 – 40 minutes max. Which of course makes everything else he's been coached to say by this network just a little on the "suspect side"

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