New Mexico recreational marijuana law could hurt Colorado cannabis sales

New Mexico will launch its own legal recreational marijuana market in 2022, but the business done there could hurt Colorado’s cannabis industry. Denver7 …


  1. All marijuana businesses knew going in they are in a rapidly evolving situation. We will likely end the federal marijuana prohibition soon. After the dust settles, average quality, legal marijuana will sell for $25 to $40 an ounce. It's just a plant. And it will be sold wherever more harmful beer and wine are available.

  2. GOOD! Texans don't need to take the extra trip to move up north to smoke weed, they can just go next door to NM!!! Whoo hoo!!! CO is going to loose it's thunder!!

  3. NO IT Won't if Kansas legalized THEN it would put a dent in Colorado Weed Biz. Iowa has weed now, perhaps it will take some of the pressure off pulling on NB and KS. we still have WY, UT, violating federal transport and distribution laws, but that's another story. I can assure you, not a lot of people would drive to CO from NM for weed.
    they already had it there, only now it's legal.

  4. So let's get this straight you don't want anymore legal states so you can run a monopoly is what co is saying.. Should be legal nation wide.

  5. Trinidad gave me a DUI marijuana charge for a stick of weed in my car I wasn’t even smoking my homeboy brought it and I told the truth second week moving here by a cop who had a bad rep already karma has come back back around for me never been in trouble until then and I’m a disabled vet who needs cannabis saddest exp of my life impounded a car I bought the day I got it 😣 I got one class left and $190 and I’m done due by June 28th depressing at a bad time in my life

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