My first time smoking cbd in a dry herb Vaporizer !!! Tsunami Eruption vaporizer

This is my review of the Tsunami Eruption Premium vaporizer and the Tsunami Typhoon !!! Nothing is for sale here! Cbd is legal in all 50 states thanks to the farm …


  1. Saw you on green unicorn lol. Who has comes up with the best sativa? All i can get is cbd. Dry herb vape might be a little better than trying to do a huge rip on a bong but harshness is the key. I couldn't never do a review coughing like hell.

  2. Curious if you know whether you can vape dmt with a weed vape? I have a firefly 2 and I’m thinking it would work… I’m hoping that since you can vape cbd powder, you probably can? Any idea?

  3. I saw your vids where you smoke cbd in blunts or joints and described all the flavors. I tried that and only taste burnt material. Ordered a vaporizer, and now I can taste all the flavors you are always describing! Plus, way less smell and less material for the wanted effect.

  4. Hi what is the ideal temperature for vaporizing CBD Flower? I am looking at purchasing a budget vaporizer, and want to make sure I am getting one with the correct temperature settings. I will not be using it for THC Flower, only CBD. Thanks

  5. Thank you for helping me with my first time ever doing anything like this. I had no idea what to do. I don’t even smoke, I just decided to try this to see if it helped with my inflammation and pain due to Rheumatoid Arthritis. I’m from West TN!

  6. Hey bro are you living in Nashville is that what I heard?!?!? Heck bud I work in Chattanooga, live in Dalton Ga you ever come to chatt? There’s a new dispensary here that I’ve been dying to go to but haven’t yet

  7. D.I.Y. thc and cbd vape liquid ..Lil Yellow Bus Honey Liquidizer best liquidizer out there its the smoothest on the throat and lungs by far and we infuse quadra filtered steam distilled  terpenes in our infused honey liquidizers many diffrent strain profiles to choose from and unflavored original for use with all thc and cbd extracts will never seperate once infused. you can dab it and nectar collector it as well as vapen… buy 5 or more bottles get bottle free of your choice and buy 9 or more bottles get 2 free bottles of your choice and buy 3 or more bottles get our limited edition LYBHL weatherproof vynil sticker free

  8. Pretty sure bro you have a three part grinder , you don’t pour it out the top you grind it and it falls down in the middle section for storage and to get out you ain’t gotta pour it out the top unscrew the middle section lol that’s where all your bud goes

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