MERRY CRIPPYMAS! Talking Crippy history

MERRY CRIPPYMAS! Hope you all have a great holiday week we will be celebrating this fri ….yea I know we are late but what do expect it’s The Adam Dunn …


  1. Growing up in brevard county this shit gives me the chills its nuts.
    I mean I'm young. But back in 07 people were calling shit crippy here. And it was very distinct weed. Its funny how the surfers always get tied to the good weed….thats how everyone mainland over here thought back in the day.. they always ask me "hey you got tht beach weed." We were notorious for keeping the funk. Haha. Not too mention I used to smoke a lot of the orange crush and the mango haze. I've never to this day seen weed soo frosty and covered in orange hairs.(you could sit there and pick the hairs out of this stuff and smoke bowls of it if u wanted) Lots of catpiss and diesel I remember also. Legalazation happened and bam I swear all the big players here went out west…there's terps i havnt smealt or tasted in literally a decade.

  2. Osceola heirlooms is a scammer. Can't believe he got on any podcast. Dude is a thief . Getting people for a couple hundred dollars at a time. One of the trash bags of the industry.

  3. I never smoked crippy before, but heard about it in a lot of songs. Pitbull had a song "Everybody in the club smoking crippy."
    Only Florida strain I had once was a cross of Miami Haze and it was some of the best I've had.

  4. Lots of folks on IG calling out Osceola_heirlooms for being a thief and stealing their money for seeds. Why does ADS keep giving these shitty people a platform to promote their bull shit?

  5. So much bullshit stories…dude started growing in the 80's because he'd heard of rick simpson oil to cure his girlfriend? ummm, RSO wasn't even around or developed/marketed in the 80's. So that's debunked. The ocean grown story is complete bullshit period because that story was made up by John, aka ParadiseSeedsMod, in 06-07ish, end of story. That's super well known BS. Now supa's story is it was a project for Neville? Or was it originally bred at Taylor Camp? These dudes can't keep a single story straight. Dunn show desperately needs someone to do their due diligence cuz having these jabrone's tell tall tales, is only bad for the history and community.

  6. Supa used to say his dad bred crippy in a nudist colony on Kauai. Now all of a sudden he claims he bred it for Neville (a point he has only made after Nevilles death)?

  7. Crippy was a true one hit wonder. I didn't care for the high. Gainesville Green was mouth watering good and you could toke on it till you got to a comfy level.

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