Medical marijuana for kids?

Kyung Lah reports on a 6-year-old epilepsy patient who has been suffering fewer seizures since taking medical marijuana. For more CNN videos on YouTube, …


  1. I'm a little late, but cannabis is much safer then any drug they will give him to help his problems. And don't start the shit about cannabis, it has been used for centuries and has so many health benefits it's crazy

  2. The Irony is people are against cannbis for children yet are fine with the Drug Topomax. That drug has brutal side effects and even killed people. Anti convulsants are far worse than any possible cannbis side effects. Yet no one points that out

  3. state sponsored drug dealers are the biggest criminals, learn this lesson; its much more profitable to treat a patient than it is to cure them

  4. Indeed, someone is talking nonsense. I am a chemical biologist. You are a moronic fool with a few personal experiences.

    Please read what I wrote, and get yourself educated.

  5. i can tell you one thing if you use thc. there isnt going to be a commercial the next year saying if you haved used thc you may be entitled to a settlement ..wanna know why cuz thc aint going to hurt ya

  6. Oh I know, it's better for you to spend hundreds on a substance that you will soon be dependent on.
    There's so much wrong with this world and personal freedom is a big factor.

  7. It has been proven to stunt development of the brain if used heavily by minors. I don't agree with kids 'smoking' cannabis. This being said I am all for the medical use cannabis for anyone of any age.

  8. My daughter is 14 months old and is having seizures as well which has an unknown causes. Doctors have diagnosed my daughter with 3-4 different diagnosis already but couldn't point out what is really the final diagnosis. I live here in Dubai, where can I get and buy this medical marijuana. I need them for my kid. Please help us.

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