Medical Marijuana For Childhood Epilepsy

Tara O’Connell suffered from debilitating childhood epilepsy. After exhausting traditional treatment options, her family turned to medical marijuana in …


  1. very happy for you and your child!
    gouverments don't serve the people –  they serve the industry. in this case the pharmaceutic industry. if there's no profit for them the will do everything to block it for legalisation. this industry is not for our benefit. they want sick people depend on their products and this products make you become more and more sick. this Australian man who make that and send it to others he's an angel. we need people like him and we should stay on his side to support him.

  2. Legalisation for medicinal purposes simply isn't enough. It's a step in the right direction, no doubt, but prison ruins lives, too.

    There has never been a single recorded overdose on cannabis in the 10,000+ years humans have been using it (as a medicine or otherwise). Compare that to drugs like alcohol and tobacco and you have to ask yourself, just why does our government feel the need to incarcerate people over a substance that is yet to be proven harmful.

    There are only a handful of arguments against full legalisation. Most of them are absurd bull crap. Any that are left (if any) simply cannot justify the harms of prohibition.


  3. Many years ago, the US gov't patented the medical applications of Cannabis. At the same time, they scheduled Cannabis as a drug with no medical applications, which banned research into said applications.

    I have to wonder how many millions have died agonising deaths because of that puritanical doublethink.

  4. Isn't enough medical evidence… bullshit! They obviously don't need much for most prescription medications which can be extremely dangerous.

  5. What a great story. The AMA President of NSW talks about not knowing the side effects…..whatever they may be I'm sure they'd be less than what Tara's was suffering previously. Good on yer Mum and Dad.
    There is much research available on medical trials and medicos are just too lazy or attached to their dogma to look.

  6. The Australian Medical association says there isn't enough evidence to support legalisation. I understand that all medicines need to undergo rigorous testing to establish efficacy and safety, and much of that remains to be done for the conditions cannabis is said to treat. But you don't need evidence to legalise something. Look at all the herbal supplements available now, most with little to no evidence behind them. You don't need evidence to stop treating sick people like criminals. If anything, there should be evidence required to enforce a prohibitionist policy which has not been demonstrated to work. Legalisation means better regulation, better control, and more discretion in the hands of doctors and other experts.  

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