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What is marijuana? Marijuana is a plant that people use for various things, including medicinal uses, but also recreational uses, personal uses, social uses, …


  1. med-pot dont work with T H C pot take out t h c he wont tell you its to keep your brain from being normal. ask people well pot wont us to drank beer with pot when you drive car danger dont drive for 3 hours.

  2. I have Neuropathy Neuralgia in my legs,its real bad and it will keep me up for days ,I hate it , I tried smoking weed (AK47) I was out like a light and the pain stopped, I told my DR about this (he told me not to talk about it) I was turned on to it through my neighbor who was 82 he had the same problem, this guy walked 5 miles a day and tilled his garden. it works great.. Please note it works real good. I would never go this path, I seldom have this. return of the pain.. Try it just once.. thanks for the fight for Medical Marijuana

  3. Marijuana makes people high. If people are high they feel less pain, less emotions . Marijuana makes people passive and less caring. But when not high, still a user, the brain is exhausted, even small problems seem bigger. People get more anxiety.also too much emotional problems appear , Problems become bigger, even in physical problems.
    So the person must stay high in order to stay feelingless. The brain gets used to little work and looses intelligent .

  4. I have epilepsy I dont really know how marijuana will help me. I live in ohio and I know they dont let medical marijuana across the borders And my medicine Im taking now isnt really helping me. Im tired of taking pills.

  5. First of all its cannabis. medical cannabis marijuana is 3 different varieties. The first is Sativa which is associated with the head high A.K.A felling like a kite. The other strain is Indica which is a body like high which can be helpful for patients with body pain. The third is ruderalis which is hemp and hemp contains no THC or CBD. also 

  6. I suffer from severe chronic pain, but I'm to poor to pack up and move to a legalized state… Hopefully someday soon the federal gov will realize that marijuana is not our enemy, want to solve national debt? Tax weed. Want to create jobs for millions of people, legalize weed, want to help find cures to many diseases, legalize it so research centers can have access. Want to reduce prison costs? Stop arresting people for possession of THC. Soooooo many reasons why it should be legal. If people can smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol, let people smoke instead, or even vaporize/eat marijuana, it's much healthier for you. Rant over

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