Marijuana Country: Inside a Legal Recreational Marijuana Dispensary | CNBC Prime

While pot may be legal in Colorado, the idea of purchasing marijuana in a store may still be something of a mystery to many people. CNBC went to a dispensary …


  1. Beware… Scam Alert….canabisonlinedispensary is a scam… After you pay for your product, you will be told that your shipment is in transit, but you must now pay an additional $350 for "Refundable Insurance" to complete the delivery… At this point, the order cannot be cancelled, so you lose your money or run the possibility of being duped for another $350… Contact jturco2@hotmail for proof.

  2. I was in a Michigan shop yesterday seen prices up to 20 a gram that's insane for the same quality even same buds like headband king Louie etc prices in Ohio black mareket 30 half quarter 180 oz

  3. I don’t think it’s 7 grams per customer from out of state, I’ve done a lot of research and called dispensaries in CO and they said an ounce per customer even if your from out of state

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