Management of Nocturnal Seizures

Seizures associated with sleeping present unique challenges for patients and families. Sucheta Joshi, MD, Neeraj Kaplish, MD, and Nicholas Beimer, MD …


  1. Ive been suffering from nocturnal seizures for four years now. I really am not getting the help I need. I recieve disability pay but that isnt helping. It has changed my whole life around. I just sit to myself lots. I can say…before I started having seizures four years ago, I would have vivid dreams and speak about them online. Also milk chocolate and white bread is not good before sleep.

  2. I tried the anti-seizure drug Keppra with absolutely zero results, then Trileptal, which helped, but I still had grand mal seizures and the side effects were horrible. After about 5 years my neurologist finally agreed to "recommend" marijuana, CBD. It changed my life.

    I’ve been seizure free for the longest period ever. My memory and abilities are coming back, it is an amazing feeling. If you have seizures please try CBD, it won't get you high.

    I buy a small bottle via the internet, 30ml's (1 fl oz) with 2500mg total CBD, 83mg per serving and drip about half a dropper (half a serving) under my tongue twice a day, morning and night.

    The bottle cost me a little over $100 and lasts about a month. This is a lot more than the pharmaceutical drugs cost, but I would pay 10 times that, because it has had such a positive result for me.

    Please make sure you buy it from a reputable supplier, with consistent quality.

    I hope it will help you, like it has helped me.

  3. I'm surprised that diet wasn't spoken about more. I had night terrors as a kid and they have almost evolved in to the odd nocturnal seizure now. Diet helps but am wondering if there is a link between night terrors and nocturnal seizures?

  4. Mouth guard with help with sleep apnea or anyone with snoring problem great for when you have seizure or after seizure help stops you biting your tongue when your roll on your side and bite your tongue also after you use it to talk proper as you cannot when you tongue is so sore because the wound on your tongue constantly rubbs on your teeth is so painful for 2weeks …so mouth guard helps try it..silicone types melt in hot water..cost is $2

  5. Is there any point in seeking treatment?

    From what I understand, these seizures don't pose a risk for personality changes and medication doesn't always cure it.

    Also, I have temporalmandibular joint dysfunction and have noticed that I am more likely to have seizures when my TMJ syndrome is more severe.

    Are there any studies that have examined a possible link between TMJ syndrome and nocturnal epilepsy?

  6. My son has had two of these over the past 3 years and I’m very concerned about him dying, if he sleeps alone. He is on Kepra now, but can someone talk to me about dealing with this lifestyle? I’m totally new to this. And I can’t leave my child alone at night now.

  7. My Elder brother is 36 years old. He has seizures every night. Three to 4 times a day. He has been suffering from this from the last 35 years. Is there any cure possibility? Would highly appreciate a revert.

  8. my husband has horrible seizures only at night. and doctor's have no idea whats causing them. the increase his script with every new seizure. he is now on the highest dose. we have figured out on or own that cutting out carbs completely from his diet and only eating completely fresh and all natural foods has helped a lot but its really had and he still has some seizures. the seizures cause him to be very violent as he is coming out of the seizure. do you have any ideas or recommendations for us?

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