Katsu Bluebird Emerges! & Landrace talk with therealseedcompany.com

This week on ADS we have Katsu Bubba for the first time ever talking about his journey in the cannasphere. Also we will be talking about Landraces with …


  1. So tired of the wet mouth sound man the whole time Adams talk and it sounds like he's f**** stirring spaghetti it's nasty Jesus Christ I can't even make it through this s*** I'm like 3 and 1/2 minutes in

  2. Is this OK for the giveaway from France ? Give Thanks @katsu ! I follow you in Instagram "Jah_Guidance69". I have subscrit to your newletters and follow your Blog for play ! Bless Up ! Katsu Team ! Give Thanks ! Guidance

  3. Lmao @ seedsheresnow.. U cant have quantity and quality. its one or the other.. @Jamesbean dont claim to give a shit about the breeders or the seeds you're selling. Its clear you aim to carry the most seeds possible, ON CONSIGNMENT, and your aim isnt quality..

  4. Just popped some Bubba's Sis beans, Katsu rules! Nice to see a guy with old school skills and ethics in the biz.

    Not that I'm hating on all new chuckers just that some seem, lets say, a little less than grateful for the hard work, dedication and risk that went into bringing the world the genetics they get to play around with. That pithy attitude makes it's way into their work too, if you take for granted the seeds you were given to work with, it's easy to take everything else along the way for granted too, which leads to cutting corner after corner after corner.

    Give the plants respect and you will pay attention to the details, it's the difference between skill and luck. It's something you either have or you don't and Katsu clearly has that respect, you can see it in everything he has done over the decades.

  5. Modern hybrids definitely will NOT just turn into a landrace in a generation or two. If any male hybrid plants are left to mature and spread pollen they will contaminate the local landrace gene pool as well as the new, hybrid population in general becoming acclimated. It goes both ways.
    Left unselected, undesirable traits will eventually crop up. Not to mention that unique chemotypes have developed in isolated populations across the globe and any genetics introduced from a foreign region will undoubtedly be disruptive to the local chemotype given cannabinoid biosynthesis' high heritability. Really, there's a whole host of problems that can come about and it takes dozens of generations with environmental and artificial selective pressures to end up with a truly new, unique landrace population in any given area.

  6. that british guy is a big bullshitter.
    I like how adam shut him down and told him he discedited his comany with his BS and then ended the interview a minute later.

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