JustCBD Blue Razz CBD Vape Juice Review!

In this video, we provide you with a review on the JustCBD Blue Razz CBD Vape Juice. We compare it to other CBD vape juices on the market, and let you know …


  1. i was buying from cbdmd they changed the name to mingo rad. and for whatever reason they dont have the vape oil anymore. watching reviews of this brand to see if theyre legit before i buy one. thinking about buying the pineapple express. because of the movie 😜 and i like pineapple. i use 750mg from mingo rad and it helps with a few things. i thought it was just a placebo effect till i stopped using it then had to use it again because of a severe anxiety attack. glad to say it does work.

  2. I was looking for good quality cbd. I searched online and came to know about deluxeleaf.com. I bought it from there and now I have been using it on a regular basis. Your review will help many people like me who are looking for good quality CBD.

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