Joey Diaz on Pain Pills, CBD, and Why He Stopped Edibles

The Church of What’s Happening Now Episode 631 Joey Diaz, Lee Syatt, and guest Bas Rutten


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  5. I been on suboxone for 5 years 2 a day 8mgs.. well now ik I prolly have NO testosterone left and why I'm drained mentally and physically and no sex drive

  6. iknow slot of people who turn there life around on suboxone it not the same as methadone methadone is s full opiate antagonist suboxone is a partial antagonist you can't get high on suboxone my friend went from being addicted to percocet having nothing to working full time he bought a house 2 cars has a beautiful family just thought I'd put that out there if it helps someone judging from what I've seen Suboxone saves lives people on methadone look high and are slow you can't even tell my friend is on Suboxone he takes 2 mg a day

  7. Be careful with suboxone those that use. I went just 6 months fully addicted to them, 8+ milligram a day for 180 days or so. The withdrawal is hell, hell and a half. Just face the beast my friends, if someone sees this and wants to talk about their addiction i am happy to talk.

  8. Alcohol is the real evil. Alcohol is the real gateway drug. These past few generations have been fooled by the government anti drug propaganda. The cannabis plant was put on earth to help people… By whatever higher powers you believe in.

  9. I want to believe Joey so much!!!! But when he says shit like drinking a whole bottle of wine when he was three years old…. that shit hurts his credibility….. bad….

  10. i just realized who these stupid podcasts are aimed at. they are meant for dillusional people who are abusing cannabis. who else would listen to this crap and believe any of it. this low life diaz would fk a dog for a nickel if there was some coke in it for him. can't beleive some people are that fkn stupid to listen to this tub of shjt

  11. What is amazing with this country is that we have a ridiculous opioid problem, yet people are up in arms about the legalization of marijuana. And the sad thing is uninformed people of power continually pushing the "you can overdose from pot" agenda.

  12. No, Suboxone is NOT the same as Methadone. I’ve been on both. They are completely different drugs & the way they operate in the brain are completely different.

  13. Pain pills are too expensive that’s why People do heroin why pay 25-35 a pill and only last 2 hours when you can spend 25$ on heroin and be good for 2 days 💯💯

  14. I can still smoke pot and it never makes me want to do another drug or anything like that. I smoke every day for a couple weeks and then I may not for a week…it just depends on how much pain im in or anxiety. If I drink it is a different story! I start thinking about getting loaded and basically fiend for opioids or something else. I'm also not able to function if i drink…basically my day is shot if i have a drink early.
    The drinking just leads right to trouble.

  15. I've been on 3 a day suboxone for 8 years I'm 27. Im down to a quarter pill a day for last 2 years it's still impossible to kick. I went to jail last year for 45 days and was still in withdrawal when I got out. I need this posion out of my body.

  16. Doctors get gifts from drug manufacturing companies, the more drugs the doctor prescribes from a drug manufacturing company the more expensive gifts the doctor receives.

  17. I'm a recovering heroin addict who is still on suboxone… Been on it on and off for three years, three years on opioids in general though. I tried to quit suboxone cold turkey against doctors orders cause I felt like a slave to the medication, and hated relying on substances to not feel as if I was dying a slow miserable death. I went 10 days with out suboxone, and by the tenth day, the withdrawals where still getting worse and worse by the hour. I had to give in and take suboxone, the withdrawal was just as bad as heroins withdrawals, just last much much longer, making it much worse. If your trying to kick opioids, just do a FAST SUBOXONE TAPER! I'm pretty sure docs are paid to try and keep you on the shit as long as possible. My quality of life is great. Even with suboxone, and my insurance is good… But I still wish I didn't have to rely on getting my prescription to not be sick. And others aren't as fortunate as me, and have to pay a lot for their meds. Fuck opiates. Not worth trying even once. Biggest regret of my life. I just thank God I'm not shooting heroin anymore, that shit was a true nightmare.

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