Is Social Pets CBD Drops REAL? See the LAB TESTS and CBD review.

Social Pets CBD Drops Review, Bacon Broad Spectrum. I sent one product to 2 labs to see if it’s real CBD. I paid for the product and the lab tests. This is not …


  1. Absolute baller for tasting it, been obsessed with your videos; and trying to find the best CBD product for myself. After almost a decade of smoking THC, and the occasional 1:1 I had a pretty atrocious marijuana induced panic attack, and have increased anxiety since my initial experience. Been a little nervous around THC since then, but from watching your videos I feel a full spectrum is probably going to do the trick. Any thoughts?

  2. I just binged on your videos thank you for your reviews! I really enjoyed your Amazon CBD videos. I wanted to suggest/request a pet "hemp oil" from Amazon that has thousands of reviews. The brand is Billon Pets and I'm super curious about the lab results.

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