Is marijuana bad for your brain? – Anees Bahji

Explore how marijuana’s two main active compounds, THC and CBD, affect your brain and body, and what risk factors to watch out for. — In 1970, marijuana was …


  1. I think weed slows down the logical part of the brain but increases the creativity.. so it's good if you're into some creative field as it increases the imagination power 🔥 But I have realised after smoking for more than a year that it hampers your logical ability for example remembering things and solving complex things

  2. No it isn't bad for you, on the contrary it's one of the best medicines for humans…. It can help fix problems you didn't even know you had. I love it and I will support recreational and medical legalization for the rest of my life…. ❤️

  3. One thing here I've found to be untrue: After decades of use, my tolerance has never changed. One moderate hit is all I ever need then I feel great. Any more and I feel uncomfortable.

  4. I don't know who needs to hear this but if you smoke weed it has negative effects on you. For a long time I only recognzed the good qualities and while they are way more (for me), it does have negative effects such as being more introvertet or that I need a sec to find and say a often used word

  5. So what you're saying if I smoke weed I won't learn because every time I'm high and I watch something educational I will remember it the next day and the day before as well I don't know if that's true or not

  6. It's unpleasant for people because 9 times out of 10 it puts them in a state of anxiety they can't control when their sober . What they don't know is if they can control this anxiety while high when your sober and it happens in social events you actually learn how to deal with those heart racing situations from being stoned and controlling it . Not saying it cures anxiety but it does help you push to control it .

  7. I been smoking since 12 years old I’m 17 now and have nothing negative to say about it never been arrested parents don’t mind but it’s illegal where I live drop a like if u from the UK

  8. I was in love with smoking it, we're been together for 4 years at least. I had so many beautiful days with smoking w/ friends. I was enjoying smoking weed while listening to music, eating, at outside activities and etc. Until one day, 1 month before, when I was smoking with a friend in my room. I moved out to Germany approximately one year before so I'm not native there and our common language here is English. That day, I felt like I couldn't understand the person from the heart for the first time in my life. Even if he was telling me smth, my receptor couldn't be able to receive the information. Maybe you can say and think like ''Bro, it's always happening, not understanding the person while smoking weed'' I know for sure that I've already smoked for several years:D Just muting the person and desire for a chilling person with himself. However, the feeling itself created a barrier and changed my attitude in many seconds, I was feeling like I was in a different frequency level, also my friend felt from my side. After he left my room, I searched for the feeling I had and was curious that ''What could it be?'' I realized the effect on me was the ''Derealization of Dedissociative Disorder''. Maybe a lot person was having this already but it was the one and the only day for me that happened. It felt superficial and impassive, and I didn't like this feeling. That day, I stopped smoking, and actually today I fulfilled 1 month exactly(: Because I was a regular smoker, I've missed the feeling that hanging around, chilling, even the behaviors of holding the joint lol. However, I know that it's best for me now maybe sometime later it could be from time to time. It really depends on the person, I still know a lot of friends of mine smoking for ten years straight and so good in their working and social life, weed is a still saver for them and the reason for them to being a chill person. I just realized that I wrote such a long text, and want to finish it now sooooo we know ourselves best, asking ourselves would be the best option for knowing am I happy with this buddy or not:)

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