I Vaped CBD E-Liquid And Things Got Weird | Well Cartel Cotton Candy E-Liquid

Attention: Everything that happened after vaping the CBD E-Liquid was purely for comedic value. It really doesn’t have a lot of value and wouldn’t even pay for a …


  1. You probably felt like that because when you start with cbd you have to do it in stages and work your way up to bigger dose ( you don’t get high off of cbd no matter what)

  2. U don’t have to be 21 to consume cbd‼️‼️ u have to be 21 to buy it. I’m 16 and my doctor recommended it to me cause I’m on probation and I quit smoking weed and had a hard time stopping. Stop talking out your ass my guy.

  3. Had some blue liquid in an alto pod my friends said was outta state cbd juice and I never got so high off a vape, it felt like the come up of acid but only lasted like 10-15 min and my vision was squared hard

  4. CBD Vape Juice or CBD vape oil

    There is still a great deal of disarray in regards to CBD oil and vaping. Honestly speaking, "CBD vape oil" isn't oil based. A more exact term for it would be CBD vape juice or CBD e-fluid. Not at all like CBD oil colors, they are intended for vaping.

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  5. Yeah. Cbd dont make you high. No munchies or racing heart too. Ps. I think with cbd, you need to keep it in a bit too for a second or 2. Otherwise u just blowing cbd around the room

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