I Tried Medicinal CBD For A Week To Help My Anxiety

So this was a much requested video, and I’m hoping that it could be educational, informative, and entertaining! This video is NOT sponsored but I’m thankful for …


  1. CBD is great. I enjo y cbd isolate, high cbd & thc rso, oh Pineapple Express Meds has an amazing cbd hemp balm that I beluve saved my life last yr. Flower w high cbd i can get some 1% or less thc doule % cbd & 1:1 recently I had 3 high cbd strains. Mango haze ( a gain) 5%thc 8%cbd. A c bd indica land race+new tome)6%tc 10%cbd & cannatonic again 18.8thc 11.2cbd. Widow strains high in c bd kick ass!

  2. Here I am at 3am unable to sleep. Ordered a bottle of CBD oil, hoping it works as I've tried CBD gummies in the past and they certainly made me feel more happy and at ease

  3. I’m just trying CBD this past two weeks I would like vaping the flowered so far the carts haven’t really done anything for me and then the gummy’s takes forever for it to work for me like 6 hours for it to kick in

  4. Hi, i have panic attacks and my mind can't stop thinking a second sometimes. I don't smoke marijuana and I had a terrible psychotic attack three years ago with an edible. Is there a possibility that CBD can help me not to stop the panic attacks but to get the same relief effect that Clonazepam gave me? Me not being a regular smoker at all, could it be dangerous?

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