I Tried Hemp Supplements For A Week!

In this video, I try hemp for a week in the form of hemp extract oil and whole food hemp supplements for sleep, stress, and energy! I learn about cannabis, hemp, …


  1. Having gone through multiple back & neck surgeries and not wanting to be on opiates any longer, I initially switched to kratom, but only got short term relief from that. CDB oil (full spectrum, not isolate) however has done wonders for pain and helps me sleep through the night. That said, it took me many months spending hundreds of dollars and trying many different brands & strengths to actually find an oil that worked for me. Once I did though I was definitely sold on the benefits that CBD provides and it's something I use almost daily.

  2. Hemp is not defined by being over 20% CBD and less than 0.3% THC, in fact those ratios are almost impossible to accomplish.

    Hemp is defined by most countries as being below the 0.3 % THC level, however most industrial hemp has a cbd potential of about 1-4%.
    Also, full spectrum oil is defined by containing a full spectrum of cannabinoids
    The info on this video is not correct.

  3. When choosing CBD oil, you need to consider how it was extracted. There are multiple methods to extract CBD oil. They use ethinal in one method, cold press in another, carbon dioxide in another, etc.

  4. I Love my CBD oil. I take it when I have a difficult day ahead ☺️ and it helps so much with anxiety. It works for me but might not be everyone, I Dont know 🤷‍♀️👍

  5. That was wonderful and informing. Thank you!
    I’m new to sky beings and skylife is cool.
    I was snagged by a dr joe search and just wow! You make me feel young again! ❤️

  6. There is so much you can unpack when it comes to CBD. I've been working in the cannabis industry on both the medical and recreational side of things here in Canada for two years. If you ever want to chit chat all things cannabis I would be more than down to talk about some of the highlights of cannabis in the immerging medical space. From one self-taught spirit/science lover to the next, lots of love 🙂

  7. Im new to the CBD & Hemp World and love your review!! I am an affiliate for a company if you would like to order and test some products. inbox me mr.jayrimmer75@gmail.com I am also on facebook and I'm James L. Rimmer

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