I’ve heard SO many great benefits to using #CBDoil so I wanted to try it for myself! #acne is always my biggest concern, along with gut health and reducing …


  1. A sales person just that…. someone to sell the product —-and make money for the company.

    Of course they will recommend a florist drink because then you will use for overtime. Why don’t you just think about it and buy a higher street and then he has left maybe use a carrier oil or lotion to spread it out and save some money.

    It’s funny that you say you recommend talking to a sales person because they will tell you the truth when that is mostly what they will NOT do unless it is beneficial to them . (Unless your sales person is also a doctor or scientist… That may make a difference in how much I take their opinion into consideration)
    . Of course they will recommend a low strength because then duh…. you will use for overtime.

    Also if you know anything about reviews you know some people are just going to bitch and complain about something matter how great it could be and then there are also other people who really want to work and will report that it is amazing when it’s really not that amazing.

    Youre putting your trust in the wrong place with getting your information.

    Why don’t you just think about it and buy a higher Strength…? and then use less maybe use a carrier oil or lotion to spread it out and save some money…. ?

    It’s funny that you say celebration will tell you the truth when that is mostly what they will not do unless it is beneficial to them duh.

    Plus you have to consider If they even know what the F they are talking about? I would recommend doing your own research and using your own facts and logic to figure out what is best for you maybe take into account their opinion or sales pitch but that’s not the best way to go about researching something for sure

  2. Maybe the fact that it was working for a couple weeks then wasn't working as well is to do with where you are in your cycle? Maybe women need a higher dose during pms. I quit coffee at the same time I started CBD and my anxiety is basically gone, even during problem times in my cycle.

  3. I used it on my skin for several months and I started getting small red spots that scabbed after a few days and were really itchy. I am going to stop using and see if my skin clears

  4. You need a higher dosage here is the best. This company was started by Mr. Jack Fallon in 1999 out of his garage. Tip: Utilize your CBD consistently it enhances and feeds your Endocannabinoid system. In exchange your body will start to repair itself of joint pain, stress, anxiety, fat burn etc… Much success God is good I’m grateful for this herb❤️

  5. My sister has cba oil she uses it for her feet I want to try it on my spots it’s called CBD hemp oil and it’s a bigger Bootle than the one you have! Xx

  6. You should try the Herbivore Lapis oil! It’s amazing for oily acne prone skin. It’s actually meant for that type of skin…At least give it a look, I think you might really like it. If you can get a sample I highly recommend 🥰

  7. Hey Sarah, great video! I have bad gut . I actually have to watch diet and take L glutamine. I heard oil cleanser isn't good if you have breakouts, I have stayed away from them. I would love to make it easier to take off makeup. I drink decaf coffee called buzz free, its organic. It taste great . I buy it at whole foods, I'm sure you can order it on line. Happy soon to be weekend. Take care.

  8. CBD is low in psychoactive properties but does have an effect on one's all over well being. Most drugs which they want to demonise actually work wonders for different health benefits. CBD for insomnia,stress, aniexity etc etc etc is dose dependent you will gain tolerance so be aware to do your research before using for other ailments

     #Trump2020 #StopTheDecline #FreeTheWeed

    PS Get sound foam squares in the room it will increase the audio quality of your recordings!

  9. hey sarah, i 'm hoping you can respond to this… i just starting using differin for oily skin.. no acne.. i do have some scarring and textural issues. Zero irritation with the differin.. Would you incorporate retin a in there also. I'm consider low dose 10mg /day isotretinoin. Thoughts would be appreciated. thanks in advance. btw… love your channel…. you're beautiful

  10. I used to use Bare Minerals makeup remover but felt it left a residue on my skin. Since then, I’ve been using Cleanse and Polish by Liz Earle and it doesn’t even irritate my sensitive eyes either. I’ve also been using a cleanser by Elemis as well and that’s definitely improved my skin

  11. I want to try CBD for my anxiety and acne but I’m scared! I am on a medication called Buspirone and I feel like it helps sometimes but I have Xanax if I get an extreme panic attack! I haven’t had one since March so I feel okay but I still have my moments 😀

  12. Do you have any experience with AHA and/or BHA? I get really bad dry skin on my right cheek where my acne was really bad, I got the dry skin sorted out with a bit of Cetaphil, but I still have huge pores and scarring there, so I'm thinking of an AHA skin peel. CBD is brilliant though! I don't take it the same way as you, I just make my own CBD e-liquid and vape it (you can make your own tincture with CBD crystals and monopropylene glycol (PG) (or if you want to make actual CBD oil you can use fractionated coconut oil instead of PG, it just takes a bit of work to dissolve the CBD crystals) – very cost effective); didn't notice any difference whatsoever in my skin, but similar to you, it definitely helped with digestive issues and sleep. As for coffee, you should replace it with matcha green tea and you can bang a little bit of sweetened almond milk in! VOILA!

    … andddd totally off-topic, but your wardrobe is awesome and you are beautiful!.. and you still don't look 30!

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