I TRIED CBD! – Hemp Bombs Vape Review

Have you tried CBD? Hemp Bombs could be the best way to try CBD products. Let me know your thoughts below. EMAIL▻ HonestJamesReviews@gmail.com …


  1. When I try to find the colombian coffee flavor & Strawberry milk flavor it won't that line as an option. All you get are a mango, watermelon, blueberry ect to choose from. Where do I get all those other flavors,

  2. Your obviously sponsored by them or at the least free products for this video because hemp bombs are a terrible product, worst part being they are false advertising for example there 300 mg bottle only has 107 mg. And thats from a non biased individual sending a bottle of hemp bombs 300 mg e liquid to a lab in Atlanta to be tested with results being only 107mg not the 30mg as advertised

  3. Please! It goes for everyone. Let's not confuse cbd oil whith cbd e-liquid. It is not used in the same way. Using it wrongly can lead to health problems. I think cbd is good, I have tried it and it works for me. But let's use it well!

    P.S. Sorry if there is a grammar or spelling error. I d'ont speak English. It is a translation with google translate.

  4. Many people out there do not have proper information about cbd. Few of them even are scared to use them. A few months back I started using cbd oil. I was suffering from anxiety and one of my friends recommended deluxeleaf.com. I am very happy that I took the advice. Thanks for sharing this video and telling people about cbd.

  5. If you check out cbdexamine he sent some hempbomb products to a lab for testing and they contained 1/3 of the cbd they claimed to. Some gummies had zero cbd also the brownies. Hemp bombs is pretty shady

  6. I love hempbomb products I use the 4000mg oils been using the product for 3 years for static nerve damage works great…love the vape chocolate and blue raspberry <—new flavor

  7. Don’t forget Navan Global CBD bath bombs, Jonathan Bennet, famous from “Mean Girls” (Aaron Samuels, his ‘hair looks sexy pushed back’), & host of “Cake Wars” did a few Instagram stories about it (gone) a few months back, he lives in Vegas (legal state; like me) with his partner Jaymes Vaughan, they live in and Jaymes films “Celebrity Page” (like TMZ, ET, Extra) in the Palms Casino
    Supposed to be “bomb” 🤣🤣

  8. Want to try cbd products for anxiety! Scared to try them out… I guess I'm worried about side effects!!! I'm looking for a decent amount of cbd, with NO THC!!! Is that possible, or does all cbd products have trace amounts of it?

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