How To Make CBD Pain Balm Online Classes

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  1. My friend here on YouTube makes a lot of money doing DIY Videos on how make Balms, Lotions, CBD products n etc but she doesn’t charge for online classes she shows u how in her videos to make the products than has a link to go n print out the recipes!!! How does she make so much money if she’s giving it to u for free I will tell u bc in this economy today everything is so expensive n ppl jus dnt hav the extra money to pay for classes, products n so on so ppl get on YouTube n look for free DIYs n etc so she gets so many views on each of her diy videos it makes up for not charging ppl!!!! In fact she compared her check to another diy YouTuber that does charge for the recipes n in one month the one that doesn’t charge actually made 3x more than the 2nd person!!!!!
    I’m not saying u should not charge for online classes but u may want to consider doing some free videos w recipes n charge for online classes to if u must!!! Jus trying to help another DIYer!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have serious muscle pain problems in my joints. I tried to prepare your pain cream with mustard oil but I did not find the oil and essence for sale in my country. Now I want to see if this new formula with this new molecule can help me, but I don't know what ingredient besides the one mentioned. Could you help me to see if I find relief from my osteosclerosis. If you can mention about this in this channel you can write me caebera @ yahoo . com I will appreciate your help

  3. That's silly old ships used hemp to make rope!! Anyways it's 50/50 in the uk but where I live it's like the Alabama of the UK , the Black country! so I'll try it! Love your videos as always, Love from the black country!!! <3

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