How to Grow Hemp – Our CBD Hemp Farming Story

If you are thinking about #hemp farming for #CBD, this video will be informative about the process. Our first step after getting our hemp farming license was a soil …


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  2. Wondering if anyone can direct me to a good place for Texas hemp farming? Currently we have a 600 acre ranch with 400 acres of farmable areas that we have usually grown wheat in for the cows we hold on the ranch. We’ve dabbled in being the middle man for hemp producers and sellers but are looking to pull the trigger on becoming a full on producer. Any helpful links or areas for research would be appreciated

  3. Can anyone help me? I just took over an organic operation that had the last manager take off unexpectedly. We have 300 plants that’ve been drying in a pole barn for 4 weeks. We started bucking them down assuming theyre dry enough but we left some in a container overnight with a humidity detector. It read like 75% the next day. Is that too high? Wont mold grow at that rate? Considering we’re gonna turn it into rosin, whats the safe moisture content before the curing process can start and it can be pressed? Much thanks in advance

  4. So those are hemp plants but why do they look like Marijuana? I thought the plants were all THC and they extract hemp from the Marijuana plants? I guess I was wrong lol.

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