How To Cure Menstrual Pain | NO MORE PERIOD PAINS | Period Cramps!

Having menstrual pains and or PMS issues is truly difficult. I couldn’t LIVE to my true potential through the entire month because it felt like the pain was keeping …


  1. Oh and your right about eating certain foods…..I eat vegetables everyday and I still feel some level of discomfort but nothing like how it used to be and I have a stronger pain med that I only use if the pain level gets too unbareable to the point I can't sleep through it….I don't know why women get pregnant if the pain is anything like what I have ever experienced

  2. Yeah those cramps are crazzzzzzy! It was severe when I was younger I felt like I was going to die and nobody and nothing could help…..I shared too many tears…… as I got older I had to take off work for the first day and sleep it through…..I stopped using what feminine products that was available as a kid because the pain was unbareable….ty for sharing

  3. Wait.. You are GORGEOUS! And your hair is popping tooo! Love it. I haven't tried Cora. I use the Honey Pot and I've tried another herbal brand, Seventh Generation and L. For me personally I enjoy the herbal ones better.

  4. Good advice, Xayli! I agree with the diet and exercise tip. I've noticed a difference in my energy and how I feel when I eat better, especially that time of the month! And yes, tampons make the pain worse. I can't stand them.

  5. Thank you for sharing. I'm going to do some research and check into it further. My 17 year old daughter has been dealing with this issue for the last few years. Nothing seems to help. I feel so bad.

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