How Marijuana Affects the Brain: THC & CBD

In this video, I provide a tour-de-force overview of how marijuana affects the brain. I discuss the effects of cannabis consumption as a whole before discussing …


  1. Leo, you say in Instagram you do not look at DMs so I will ask here. I need to quit my everyday Kratom habit of 60-70 grams per day within the next week (family vacation). Would you say to get the 10 or 5ml ampoules of Cerebrolysin? (I can’t afford to go through a week of terrible withdrawals)Also would you inject all at once? I heard your story about a client of yours having success. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated Leo! I would gladly pay you for your opinion on what to do! (Also I know anything I do is my responsibility)

  2. Just a suggestion for those who smoke daily and don't intend to stop: cbd flower (bud) is available now in many places. I often mix cbd flower in to ensure a more favorable ratio. Or to taper off thc for a time.

  3. Would love for you to cover Delta-8 and its limited research available currently… does it have similar seemingly negative effects as Delta-9 THC that we know of?

  4. Learned about Leo from when More Plates More Dates was a guest on the podcast, been fascinated ever since. You are informative & educational. Thank you good sir. I’m glad I was able to put my habitual THC use behind me. This just vindicates my decision.

  5. I thought the effect was mainly caused by cb1 downregulation, and once you stop taking THC, things would get to normal after a few weeks. But man, the information you are presenting here is scary! Thanks Leo.

  6. Leo, your knowledge is outstanding and so incredibly helpful for so many people. It would be unbelievably helpful if you could make a video on "recovering" or "reoptimizing" neural function after chronic marijuana usage. Do you know of any such protocols or methodologies for recovering some of that lost motivation? Or do neurotransmitters return to some semblance of baseline after prolonged time off? I am deeply motivated to recover from years of chronic usage through college and am yearning to reoptimize my brain function. Marijuana is not a "harmless plant" as so many claim it to be, in self-reflection it has seriously hampered my quality of life and ability to pursue my goals and I regret ever picking it up in the first place. Very grateful for you and the content you put out, huge fan!!!

  7. Smokes joint in gym parking lot before training legs after a day of sending out grad school apps

    Gotta get that PhD in biochemistry.

    Your relationship with a chemical is an incredibly important aspect in how it affects your life. For me, consuming cannabinoids has an effect on my life more comparable to coffee than alcohol. Results may vary.

    I’m a high strung, highly motivated person. Cannabis takes the edge off of my crazy.

    I think many people who use cannabis were lazy piles of shit before they started using cannabis and will remain so with or without it.

    It’s a relatively benign plant. It’s not cannabis, it’s you.

    …unless you have a genetic predisposition to certain types of mental illness.

    Thank you for coming to my stoner rant.

  8. Quickly becoming one of my favorite channels. If anyone else loves the scientific breakdown of matters relating the the brain, especially in a context of enhancing/optimizimg brain function I recommend yall subscribe to the Huberman Lab YouTube channel. The info in Leo's channel plus that one will make you a neuroscience expert in no time.

  9. I am so fucking glad I am done with weed, seriously it fucked my younger 20's especially trying to talk to girls, I always thought I was shy and no confident, it was all fucking weed!!! GET OFF OF IT, dont listen to the crowd, its dangerous as very subtle and society's fuel for it being IT CURES CANCER DUDE…. Just makes it even more dangerous, it took me like 3 years to quit, but now I am so glad I am off of it, I enjoy life with memories

  10. Hello leo, just discovered your channel and I'm happy that you made a post about marijuana. Man, this really doesn't leave me much room for excuses for not quitting weed. I've been using for years and generally consider my usage 'under control' for going from smoking all day everyday (ages 18 – 21) to smoking only in the evening, to calm the nerves. But it's obviously still a harmful habit, with longterm side-effects that are worrying me increasingly. Part of the excuse I'm struggling with right now is, if the damage is already done, is it still worth it to give it up completely? Thanks in advance, Leo.

  11. Yo Leo could we get a video on your views of delta-8 thc and how differently it works than delta-9, recently started taking it because it’s supposedly helps for less anxiety

  12. Hy Leo, how can I address the motivation problem? I've quit smoking for this reason. I'm two months in and the motivation and the slight depression kicked in again. Is there something I can do?
    Love your content ❤

  13. Hey Leo. Love your videos. Maybe explore the direct relationship between sleep and cannabis. I quit cannabis about 8 days ago and have not slept more than 2 hours a night. Some nights none at all. I have withdrawn from many drugs, including opiates, but the insomnia from thc withdrawal is unmatched by anything else. Any help on how to reset my brains ability to sleep on its own would be wonderful. Thanks. Hope you channel takes off.

  14. After smoking a joint, the next day I came first in my whole year in an english exam. It was performance enhancing since I had never done so well in an english exams before. Metaphors and words came a lot easier.

  15. i can't explain why, and it makes zero sense, but if i have high CBD my brain is out of it. I function well with THC, whatever it is in THC handles my …'particulars' and CBD just makes them worse. but i also understand what you are talking about for the long term usage having negative effects, as i still get my daily benefits from it, i have noticed the negative effects over time as well.

  16. So glad I came across this video, was watching your video about sleep with Rxmuscle earlier and decided to check out your channel. I've been a daily smoker of THC for roughly 10 years, and at this point I'm smoking roughly 4 grams/day. Trying to quit is pretty rough between the loss of appetite, insomnia, and vivid dreams when I do sleep(literally wake up with soaked sheets from sweating). Thought I was going insane, but learning they are just side effects. Any tips on how to increase appetite or get better sleep? Thanks

  17. I’ve mentioned this and weed smokers get offended as if smoking is their personality and they defend it as if I’m personally insulting them. Similarly to someone who is addicted to a unhealthy diet with sweets or something. Great info thank you.

  18. As a self-diagnosed Cannabis addict, I enjoyed this breakdown very much. Thank you. I love Cannabis but pretending it does not have negative effects on one's health is dangerous!

  19. 100% spot on with the activation of the 5-ht2a receptor. I accidently self-induced something similar by taking 5-htp tablets before smoking weed & sure enough experienced discomfort/anxiety dispite not being the type.

    also on a test cycle atm at 19. you've got me starting to wonder if im just gonna fry my brain. already have adhd so I've got low executive function to begin with. knowing my luck weed & test probably have a synergistic effect on damage to EF

  20. Cbd doesn’t do anything for me. THC helps alleviate insomnia, eliminated nightmares, and lessens IBS issues. As far as I am concerned CBD has absolutely no positive effect.

  21. Boy… Well it sounds like I've done just about everything wrong including smoking heavily for over ten years starting in childhood. At least I've got an idea on how to get some memory back

  22. What interests me about THC (I've never consumed isolated THC just full spectrum cannabis) is although while under its effects my information comprehension and retention is inhibited (based on the amount I consume of course, at low amounts I am still well capable of listening to a video that's 10-15 minutes long (any longer and the attention span effects turn me away from that form of content) packed with information and retaining most of it but in general my information processing abilities are definitely in the upper echelon, my friends in physics say I have an unfair photographic memory which I agree with in ways, if a topic interests me I can absorb said information at an extremely fast rate usually remembering and understanding after one read through or for complex abstract theories after pondering on them for awhile, the problem with me is always if I don't find the subject interesting or if I don't prepare in time due to laziness) however while under its effects what I already know, comprehend and understand has came together to form very creative and innovative ideas, I was going to do my final year project on one particular idea until I realised we have a lack of research we have done (literally almost nothing after searching for days) on the basics of what I'd need and how much time it would actually take for me to polish it to the extent I'd want with what is already an obscene workload in final year maths and physics (I won't ever disclose it online, but it's to do with matter reclamation from waste regardless of its form, and is rooted in experimental technology are researching heavily now but particular variables would be VASTLY different, again if I said the field of physics in which it's rooted, what variables are different etc. it could easily disclose enough for someone to steal said idea) this was solely conceived while on cannabis and perhaps caffeine prior to my nootropic regiment, this may just be me individually responding well to it's altering of brain chemistry, but I find it interesting such a detailed idea came to me under the influence of a substance I am well aware basically solely inhibits information retention and comprehension processes in our brains. Great video as always, even more reason to limit my use and have that time be just for hedonistic purposes.

  23. I’ve been using thc every night for years now for the nice relaxation and positivity effect it has , I’d probably have to agree with you that my mind isn’t as sharp as I’d like it to be. Part of that is my fault by not training my brain . I do know of people who smoke a lot and are still very intelligent and sharp ex. I’m going to try switching to cbd and see if I still get that relaxation effect at night and if my cognitive function improves . I’ve also heard cbd derived from hemp plant isn’t as good as from the cannabis plant because it lacks the different cannabinoids I believe .

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