How do I take my HEMP OIL and what should I expect?

How much should I take? Do I swallow it? What time of day do I take it? What should I expect? All of your questions answered, what I experienced my first month, …


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    "Hemp oil" is a term that refers to oil extracted from hemp (sativa) seeds. No THC at all and miniscule CBD compounds.

    "Full Spectrum CBD oil" uses the (unfertilized) buds, leaves, and sometimes stalks. The extraction retains the CBD, THC, and terpenes. In states where pot is not legal the THC content is kept under .3% (generally)

    "Broad Spectrum CBD oil" is Full Spectrum with the THC reduced to almost undetectable. CBD and terpenes intact.

    "Isolate oil" generally means CBD only although sometimes… terpenes are reintroduced for efficacy.

    Point is, if it's CBD oil it will says so. Selling CBD as Hemp is kind of like selling Filet Mignon as steak.

  4. Thank you for this information!! I’ve been using the brand “CBD heaven” the full spectrum & I’ve feel so at peace now!! & I stated with 1/4 Of a dropper & worked my way up 🤍🌱✨

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