How CBD Oil Helped David Wells Manage Pain

David Wells endured many pains over the course of his career as a pitcher in Major League Baseball. We sat down with Wells to learn about his dependence on …


  1. A bit confusing. He keeps saying CBD and at times cannabis. My understanding is that CBD Oil does not contain THC. Medical Marijuana does contain THC. Which one is he taking? I’ve been taking CBD Oil for a number of years and I still have aches and pains.

  2. I just by chance started to come across this CBD oil information and it's effects, today I was almost suicidal from unbearable pain not in one part of my joints but in hands,wrist, side wrist, actually all over my joints misserable and it has been 4 the past 6 wks and can't see GP only through The net, and my last consultation with specialist put me on Steroid predenosolon, as I refuse to take strong Medication severe reaction from Metrotrxcide, and hydrocoxquine, nearly died then stopped, but this information on CBD is a new to me ad i tried Turmeric but to no use or effectiveness, and one of my friends swear by it & is using a strong doses in drops under the tongue, and gave me connection information but I am scared as again I am on a lot of heart drugs after a simple procedure went horribly wrong? So isn't safe? Do I needs to discuss it with whom the Arthritis consultant or my GP R,s,vp.thanks

  3. Man! I just watched a video that this Pastor made. His wife was in chronic pain. He found these passages in Bible & knew Hebrew. When he realized through translation, they were naming wrong plant, in actuality it was Cannibas (spell check failed me) plant they were speaking of. I wish I would have saved the video!!! But it is in the Bible the miraculous healing properties of this plant!!!

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  5. I support professional sports and Cbd usage.
    The pain and sacrifices they endure to complete at that level is amazing.
    And it’s only the pharmaceutical companies who benefit from these athletes who participate and consume pain killers to get by day to day.

    Good to see NY-yanks’ Well is still in the field of play and staying in front of the ⚾️ 👍🏻

  6. Amen bud brothers and sisters the green revolution is here and it can’t be stopped, nature is taking us to the next level 👍

  7. Cannabis, CBD and THC, have been used in Ayurvedic remedies for thousands of years. Just political self-interest that keeps these gifts to mankind from being utilized more fully. Governments should do their research on these ancient medicines instead of making them illegal. Help free the world from pain and truly benefit all mankind.

  8. It does work. I have been on narcotics for over 20 yrs. I started taking CBD now I have gotten off anxiety and sleep meds. Working to get off pain meds. The only draw back for me is medicre dont pay for it and I pray that they will. It would save the USA money for disabled people medicine. If you live in the United States of America please pray for the country law makers to wake up and help us. Thanks be blessed

  9. Hello ThePostGame: My name is Alphonso Montgomery, and I would like to put this video of David Wells' testimonial on my website regarding using CBD. Please contact me in regards in the require documentations and/or release forms needed. Please email me at:

    I will be looking forward for your response

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  10. i live in australia and can't get cbd oil however my son was able to get it for me and my other son we suffer from cronic pain and also for my son who suffers from chemical brain injury done by doctors. we tried it and it did nothing it was a waist of $150. so we continue to suffer. my son the worst has no help what so ever. i stay away from doctors.

  11. None of these videos ever tell you where you can get CBD oil..with so many companies selling CBD that don't have CBD in it it can get confusing. Does anyone have any sites where I can buy good CDB for chronic back pain..2 back pains and 1 knee surgery later.

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