1. do these people not look at say beer and be like oh no its already getting into the hands of kids??? the whole trying to use thats as a counter is so damn dumb,

  2. They just need to make it legal all the way around because ever sense it has been legal there has been more of it on the streets so what's the point of trying to get ppl to buy a bunch of cards just for some weed

  3. We honestly should have skipped the whole medicinal step, grew a pair and just legalized marijuana outright in the first place. When both petitions were going around, I flat out refused to sign the medical one and only signed the full legalization one instead.

  4. Lets do it! Lets make this state rich!!! Also reports of hospitalization?? I need to see a link to those reports please! A lot of fear mongering going on with this state.

  5. These white guys need to shut up making it look like the devil's weed! Those are the same guys that would have us dead at the hands of opioid pushing doctors! GTFOH

  6. We all saw it coming what is that guy talking about!? OK is so broke the state will have no choice but to legalize it recreationally. Why they're taking so long when we are starving is what I don't get!

  7. That guy said he didn’t think anyone could foresee this hahahahhahahaha. Shut up. Everyone saw this. My college professors at Ou were some of my best customers and same with my friends who are now on patrol in Cleveland county as cops lol. I mean it’s not a big deal.

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