Giving Our Son CBD OIL // Seizure Treatment

Lincoln continues to have seizures, and after getting the go-ahead from his neurologist, we are giving a special strain of CBD formulated for treating seizures a …


  1. Love that you were open to taking CBD oil and you have a doctor that believes in trying natural supplements before harsh big pharma drugs. I use CBD for my Multiple Sclerosis and it has changed my life!

  2. i heard msg and food colourings can bring seizures to some (understandable, both are so bad) – chinese food has both of those. glad you got the CBD oil. i know this is an old video. Just going through them. i hope you filmed the medical keto diet. it would be cool to see what they do.

  3. I love your family!💖💖💖 and I love, love Stephen's music. God bless you all as you guide these amazing children through life. I love the way the boys have excepted and help with Lincoln.

  4. Hello! I’ve been researching about cbd oil for children with epilepsy because my youngest brother unfortunately has epilepsy and medications don’t work on him . I got him some cbd oil but have a few questions I was wondering if you could help me out? Would he be able to take it at first with his current medication ? Also do we give it to him only when he gets a seizure or should we be giving it to him daily regardless if he has a seizure?

    Thank you!

  5. hi guys i just started watching you guys and i love your channel and I hope the cbd is helping linky. my mom told me that i also have Seizures When i was 1 year old and that they stopped when i was 4

  6. Give yr child an epilepsy drug instead of cbd or keto-diet cause they are useless believe me. My son have the same problem but after using Depakin and topomax zero seizures.

  7. Seizures are the absolute worst. I have a student that is prone to seizures and one time, he fell over from a seizure, knocked his head on a part of the table and bled profusely from his head. We were all so scared and worried. When I was a baby, I was also prone to seizures… my family always told me that it’s the worst experience so I feel for you guys. I am so glad now after watching your more recent videos that CBD oil helped him.

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