First Time Trying CBD Oil For Chronic Pain 💪 (2/14/18)

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  1. So lovely to watch. I have CES (Cauda Equina Syndrome) I would love to try CBD oil. But in Norway it's not legal. So lovely dog you have😍 I admire you that you go on YouTube whit your life.

  2. I also have chronic pain and I use @GetMaku CBD oil. I use 5000mg and theirs is clean. Its the best thing I've ever had fir my pain. Most cbd oils have additives and very little cbd!!!! I have a 15% discount if you are interested.❤❤❤❤

  3. I bet you would get better results if you used 1 ml. Usually a while dropper. Also hold it under your tongue for much longer. I didn’t get any results from just a few drops either. Btw good luck on your journey. Feel better.

  4. I have moderate COPD. After taking full spectrum CBD oil w/ <.3% THC for three weeks I woke up one morning without the need to use either my short or long term inhalers.

  5. You have taken a great decision. I am using full-spectrum CBD oil from to get relief from my back pain. This product helped me a lot. A lot of people will find the information you shared very useful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. You are on other meds and its a recognized fact that even minuscule amounts of THC can have an effect which is greatly amplified when used together with pharmaceuticals. CBD oils are supposed to have less than .3% THC which may not always be exact. Also "full spectrum" CBD oils have a huge number of other cannabinoids which, regardless of what the label says, do have a psychoactive effect. Even if calming that's still a psychoactive effect. My suggestion is start off with only one drop per day and don't get higher than 2-3 drops per day before you finish the bottle. It builds up slowly over sometimes months. Also, consider trying CBD isolate powder mixed with MCT or coconut oil, one gram CBD isolate powder to 25 ml of oil in a small dropper bottle which works out to 40mg active CBD per ml of solution. Not only will this narrow your variables down to just the CBD but its a small fraction of the cost and more accurate to measure out doses of 2-4mg (1-2 drops) active CBD doses to begin and let it build up in your system. Increase the dosage very slowly. Best of luck. you deserve improvement.

  7. 7:167:32 it didn't even say anything about hemp being an ingredient??? I was also shocked that the oil didn't look green whatsoever, it looked very clear. Im guessing you're using the isolate

  8. people please help they've just pulled marijuana treatment away from people needing pain management Florida now says it does not help with pain.
    please help us patients here in Florida.

  9. I was shocked to see and here you've got the same disease as me! Yes, it's so painful , too! And I had a try with CBD, too. It was great! My doc told me l must wait another year to get it but that year's nearly over! I had 1500 and needed 2 drops. It was so great! My oil was brown – yellow and it was hard to get it out of clothes. I used it, too, against my bad, big pain in my knee after OP and getting an artifical joint. When l put it in the evening under my tongue l could sllep as well as never bevore!

  10. From the description of the product you gave that product isn't CBD oil, its hemp oil and that's a big difference. Hemp oil hardly contains any CBD at all, hemp oil is also the stuff that many stores online sell dirt cheap because people don't know the difference between the two.

    Here in the UK many people vape CBD as its the most effective way to absorb CBD. I vape 1000mg CBD and it has a near instant effect on my arthritis and fibromyalgia pain. Vaping in the states is now in the news as a few people have recently died but in the UK the ingredients are regulated and much safer.

    If you want a good oil there are many to choose from and a product from Canabidol Limited is very good and priced around £20.

    As always if you see any reference to hemp on the label its not CBD. Avoid it and go for a full spectrum CBD.

    You can't vape CBD oil either. If you want to vape it has to be made especially for vaping.

    One last tip is to look at the label and check its extracted from phytocannabinoids as that's the real stuff.

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