Educational Series (8 of 31): Difference Between Hemp Seed Oil and Hemp Oil

This video education series is designed for our retail partners and their employees to learn about Joy Organics, our premium CBD products and the answers to …


  1. I have a large bottle of hemp seed oil that is very green. Is there a way to reduce the chlorophyl, as it tends to color my skin when mixed with essential oils?

  2. Woah, I think this is a good video, yet lets clarify. When you say Hemp Seed Oil making you feel better this is a Placebo. It is NOT. The Hemp Seed Oil has Essential Fatty Acids that are Essential to Health! These will make you feel good and help your health, as they are turned into Endo-Cannaboids in your body that start helping the system. When harvested from the green material its a full spectrum of 400+ Cannaboids that IMMEDIATELY go to work helping your body. Its comparison of bringing a ton of different materials to do a job in different ways compared to bringing the material to make tool that can help do the job. This all deals with Endo Cannaboid Deficiency (Google Dr Bob Melamede or look at – to support your body best you need cannaboids ready to go. Second of all thanks for calling out these jerks on Amazon that try to make it look like a deal they are selling CBD Oil when its Hemp Seed oil!!

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